Beats Fit Pro Vs AirPods Pro

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The Beats Fit Pro and the AirPods Pro are the two of the best options for higher-end wireless headphones.

But because both headphones are from equally reputable brands (Beats and Apple), and are similarly priced with each regularly getting discounted or included in bundles, it can be hard to choose which is best.

This decision is not made any easier by both products sharing Apple’s H1 chip – Beats is owned by Apple, afterall – meaning that the specifications are almost identical.

This does not mean that the headphones are the same though, so let’s break down the differences between the two and see which will suit you best when considering Beats Fit Pro vs Airpods Pro.

Where Can You Purchase These Headphones?

Apple – AirPods Pro (with Magsafe Charging Case)

Apple - AirPods Pro (with Magsafe Charging Case)

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Basic Specs And Features

Some basic differences in specifications:

  • The Beats Fit Pro has 6 hours of battery life and the AirPods Pro has 4.5
  • The Beats Fit Pro has a choice of 4 colors, while the AirPods Pro is only available in white
  • The Beats Fit Pro are charged with a USB Type-C cable, while the AirPods Pro is charged with the Apple Lightning cable and also has wireless charging options
  • The Beats Fit Pro has a compatible Android app and the AirPods Pro does not

Despite all these differences, because of the shared chip, the headphones have a lot of similar features like spatial audio and water resistance.

However, because the chip is designed by Apple, it does give the devices extra usability on Apple devices like iOS Find My Device and Hey Siri compatibility.

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The Beats Fit Pro’s most defining feature is the wingtip design being a permanent silicone attachment.

This makes the headphones a perfect fit for those planning to use them during exercises, or for anyone wanting the extra security of not worrying about them falling out. 

The Beats logo on the side of each earphone doubles as a simple control interface for the device, used for simple tasks like pausing, playing, and picking up calls. 

The Beats Fit Pro is available in four color options: Black, White, Sage Grey, and Stone Purple.

Meanwhile, the AirPods Pro features the now-iconic AirPod stem design but differentiates itself from the classic AirPods by featuring three sizes of silicone tips for better fit and comfort.

This design, while iconic, is nowhere near as suitable for exercise as the Beats.

The AirPods Pro is controlled with a sensor on the stem to manage basic activities.

While the AirPods Pro is only available in classic white, it is worth mentioning that the case is slightly more compact than the Beats, making them a little more convenient 



The Beats Fit Pro has havan Android app designed specifically for them enabling features like 1-tap pairing, specific testing of the best-fit silicone tips, and direct switching of listening modes. It also allows for a clear display of battery life.

While the AirPods Pro does not have a similar feature for Android devices, it is clear that these headphones were primarily designed for Apple iPhone users.

These headphones work well on Android devices, but with how succinctly and quickly they sync with Apple devices, their intention is clear.

Battery Life

While the Beats Fit Pro has an obviously superior 6-hour battery life over the AirPods Pro’s 4 and a half hours, both devices have a charging case that when fully powered can provide an extra 24 hours of battery life. 

Both headphones also feature Fast-Fuel, meaning that 5 minutes of charging time can charge an hour’s worth of battery life. 


While both headphones are relatively similar, there are clear differences that make the choice quite easy when considering the Beats Fit Pro Vs AirPods Pro.

The Beats Fit Pro is the better choice if you have an Android device, with them having extra compatibility options. If you do a lot of exercise or hands-free activities, the extra grip of the Beats is preferable, and especially if you want longer battery life.

On the other hand, the AirPods Pro is the better choice for Apple users, with the synergy that comes from the matching companies.

They are also better if you prefer a more casual design and want a more compact charging case (with plenty of accessories on the market).

However, if you can get a significantly better deal on one set of headphones over the other, both headphones are still functional on both devices and work well.