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Can I shower with an Apple Watch?

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on April 28, 2023
can i shower with apple watch
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When they came out, the gadgets used in our daily lives were not built to be exposed to water or dust. Water can damage the components inside them, so there are many unfortunate accidents where people spill their drinks on their smartwatches or smartphone. But as time passed and our technology evolved, there are many gadgets that are built with water resistance in mind. With these newer models, you won’t have to worry when the rain starts or after you accidentally dropped your phone in the water. 

Apple knows its customers and it always creates products that meet their own needs. While smartwatches are ideal for busy people living the corporate life, they are also preferred by many athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world. Activities like jogging and hiking can be tracked with such a device, so it should also be built in such a way that it can endure the external elements. Swimming is an intense activity that can also be tracked with an Apple Watch. If this company built its smartwatch with such a superior resistance to water, you can also shower while wearing it without worrying about hardware damage.

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Apple Watch Ultra

This model is particularly built for extreme activities such as mountain biking or scuba diving. Made with a 49mm titanium case, it is considered to be the strongest and most durable Apple product.

As you can imagine, this watch has been tested rigorously before reaching the market. From freezing temperatures to extremely hot ones, this watch is built to work in all kinds of environments. It is safe to assume that you can also shower while wearing this watch, but there are a couple of things you should consider.

The Apple Watch features a standard WR50 rating which makes it water-resistant, but it comes with some limitations. 

Apple Watch Series 8 

If you have the Apple Watch Series 8, you might not be able to go scuba diving or water skiing with it. That is because high-velocity water exposure can cause some damage to your watch and it might suffer irreversible damage.

With this in mind, you could take a bath for example. The water is still and the watch can be easily submerged in shallow water without any problems. The same scenario applies to when you are going to the pool and you don’t have a safe place to leave your Apple Watch. In that case, just keep it on your wrist. If you do some swimming, it will also track this activity and give you a report at the end.

When you are showering, the water constantly hits your watch at a fixed pressure. Depending on your habits, this might be safe or dangerous. If you prefer to turn the shower lever to the max, the pressure might be too high for your smartwatch. With prolonged exposure, your watch will get damaged over time. 

Saltwater vs Freshwater

While water looks like it is always the same, its composition can vary a lot. We can feel the difference by tasting it, but our gadgets will experience this while risking their own components. Apple warns their customers about the exposure of the Apple Watch Series 8 to salt water. These devices are intended to function in freshwater, which is the same one used for your shower.

If you plan to go with your family or friends to the beach, you should leave your smart watch in a safe place before entering the water. Even if you already tested the Apple Watch with water exposure at home, the effect is not the same when you submerge this watch in salt water.

Luckily, all households are supplied with fresh water which is also safe to drink in some particular countries. When you shower at home, you won’t have to worry about the water damaging the components of your watch. But we know that water on the skin is not always enough to get us fresh and clean. 

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Avoid Exposure To Chemicals

Even though pollution is a significant problem for mankind nowadays, it is most likely that you won’t encounter any chemical solutions while your watch gets exposed to water outside. But while you shower, you will have to be more careful. 

There are many hygienic and cosmetic products created for us. They make us clean and fresh while also leaving a pleasing smell. While shampoos and soaps are beneficial for our skin and hair, your Apple Watch would prefer to stay away from them. 

That is why it is important to remove your watch when you apply body lotion or shower gel to your skin, especially on your wrist area. Because the shower is a wet environment, eventually these chemicals will cover your entire body. 

If you are wearing the Apple Watch in the shower, exposure to these chemicals will cause some serious damage. While the effects are not obvious immediately, you might wake up one day and realize that your smartwatch is no longer powering on. It might be hard to identify the cause of the problem when this happens, but chemical contamination can be one of them.

How waterproof is Apple Watch 7?

The Apple Watch series 7 is advertised as having a water-resistant quality, and you can take it swimming. However, any activities like scuba diving or water skiing should be avoided, as it is only waterproof up to 50 meters.

Does the Apple watch have a warranty on water damage?

The Apple warranty on their watches generally does not cover water damage. So you’ll need to be careful about putting it into strenuous situations as there’s no guarantee you will be able to get it fixed.


The WR50 rating is there in order to reassure us that the watch is resistant to water but chemicals and solutions will have different effects on its components. It has been a long time since the first model of our gadgets came out, but technology is constantly evolving and new features are always introduced.

If you want to shower with your Apple Watch, you can do that safely if you stay within some limits. Do not expose your watch to chemicals or salt water, and make sure that the shower pressure is not too high. With these simple preventive measures in mind, you can avoid unfortunate situations where your watch breaks down without even warning you.

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