How To Find My Apple Watch

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Maybe you don’t remember where you left it, or you are sure the watch is in your room but you just can’t find it. In some unfortunate cases, your watch might have been stolen. While panicking would be a normal reaction, there is no need to worry.

For all of these situations, there are multiple solutions and things you can do to find your Apple watch. Continue reading our “How to find my apple watch”, as we present you with 3 simple ways to find your favorite gadget. If you own an Apple watch, most likely you are already part of this company’s ecosystem.


Using the “Find My” app

If you own an iPhone or a Macbook, finding your watch is relatively easy. You can locate it using the ”Find My” app, which comes by default on all Apple devices. This service is permanently enabled on all of them after you set it up, making it easier for you to find lost or misplaced devices.



How to Use “Find My” App

If your Apple watch was stolen, the thief cannot access it due to the activation lock. Your Apple ID and password are necessary before anyone else can access and reset the device. That is why you are still in control of your watch with the ”Find My” app even from a distance.

This application will use both GPS and Wi-Fi or cellular data in order to pinpoint an approximate location. Most likely, the thief will have no idea that his location is constantly being broadcasted to you.

If your watch has not been stolen and you just misplaced it somewhere in your house, then the search operation can be made easier with the same app. When you use the ”Find My” app, you will see your own house as the location of your Apple watch. This is not entirely helpful since it cannot pinpoint the exact room.

In this situation, all you have to do is activate the ”Play Sound” option. This will broadcast a loud noise from the speakers of your smartwatch and you can easily locate it after you pick up the sound.


Activating the “Lost mode”

The first method is the most efficient one and will be the solution for most people. But there are some cases where the “Find My” app will not fix your problem. There is no need to give up on your valuable smartwatch as there might still be hope in finding it with the “Lost mode”.



How to activate “Lost Mode”

All you have to do is open the “Find My” app again and tap the “Mark as Lost” option. Alternatively, you can activate this option from your Macbook by logging in to iCloud and activating the “Lost Mode” option for your smartwatch.

Once you activate this mode, follow the instructions presented on your screen. They should be easy to follow, as Apple knows that whoever needs them is probably worried and scared so there is no room for complicated tasks.

You will have to enter a phone number where anyone that finds your watch can contact you. There is also the option to display a custom message so you can add specific details for the finder. When someone will pick up your watch and activate its screen, your phone number and custom message will be displayed.

They cannot close or change this screen and they will not have any access to the device and the data stored inside. All they can do is return the device to you, its owner. If you typed your phone number wrongly, don’t worry as you can always modify the contact number and custom message from the “Find My” app.

Once you find your Apple Watch, access the same app from your iPhone or Macbook and turn off “Lost Mode”. You will need your Apple ID and password here, which will verify your ownership of the product.


Wipe your Apple Watch

Unfortunately, those two are the only steps you can take in order to recover your lost device. Apple is strict with its products and you cannot use any third-party software to solve your problem. In most cases, the “Find My” and “Lost Mode” solutions will prove effective and you can recover your lost smartwatch.

But if nothing works, you will have to consider a complete wipe of your watch. There are some extreme cases where your Apple Watch might be located on the other side of the world after you lost it in a plane. This solution also works for situations where you forgot your password.


How to Wipe Your Apple Watch

If you store sensitive data on your smartwatch, you don’t want someone else to access your files. If you already backed them up and you can access them from your iPhone or Macbook, there is no point in leaving them on your smartwatch if you cannot recover it.

All you have to do is tap the “Erase Watch” option from the Action section. The on-screen instructions are easy to follow and your personal data will be wiped from the specified device in a short time. Remember that you need to set up this option as soon as you get a new Apple device.

You will not be able to wipe the watch if you haven’t enabled this option first. That is why you have to do the same step for every other Apple product that your own. If this option is enabled after you lost your watch, the wiping process is easy.

Final Thoughts – How to find my apple watch

Losing your Apple Watch is an unfortunate situation but you should not give up easily. Depending on how much you value this device, you can always try these three methods and see which one works for you.