Adblock not working on Twitch – How to fix

Get your ad-free viewing back on Twitch

how to fix adblock not working on twitch

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While adblock is a fantastic invention for those that want to get rid of any annoying, intrusive adverts on webpages, this does reduce revenue for businesses. Therefore, some companies opt to try and counteract the software in an effort to recoup some of that cost or make you turn it off. One such company is Twitch, which has tried time and time again to remove the effects of adblock. So if your adblock is not working on Twitch, let’s find out how to fix it

Due to this, many viewers experience adblock not working on Twitch, leaving them sprawling for a fix to get that ad-free viewing experience back. In this article, we aim to resolve that problem, hopefully teaching you how to fix adblock not working on Twitch as well as some top tips to help battle against any further updates.

Before we get into how to fix adblock not working on Twitch, we are going to be using Chrome for illustrative purposes but, these steps should still work with other browsers if you’re using an alternative. We’ll also be using the AdBlock extension which can be downloaded here if you don’t already have it installed.

If you want to disable Adblock on Chrome at a later date, then simply bookmark this handy article

How to fix adblock in Twitch

Update your adblock extension

adblock update

While you might think that your extensions automatically update, sometimes this isn’t the case, especially if you keep your browser open and put your device to sleep rather than turning it off. Therefore, you may need to update these manually yourself and this is the case if you want the most up-to-date adblocking potential.

Here’s how to update your adblock extension:

Disable allow Twitch ads setting in extension

twitch adblock settings

Simply adding adblock to your browser might not be enough to block those Twitch ads which in turn, means you may have to delve into your adblock settings. For AdBlock, it actually has a Twitch-specific setting that can be disabled to increase the chances of getting the extension to work on the streaming site and getting rid of those pesky adverts.

To enable the Twitch adblocking setting, do the following:

Add adblock filters for Twitch

chrome flags for twitch adblock

Now, if the first two options didn’t work out for you, you can get a little more technical and add some filters to the extension so that Twitch ads are specifically removed. While being more technical, we’ve removed that worry for you and included everything you need to get those filters set up below:

One thing to note here, you will need to repeat these steps every time you update your Chrome browser so keep that in mind.

Twitch Turbo

twitch turbo

Finally, if you want to remove any worry about adblock not working on Twitch again, you can simply just pay for them to be removed. This is done by signing up for Twitch Turbo which costs $8.99 (£7.00) per month and automatically removes adverts no matter what broadcaster you watch.

To sign up for Twitch Turbo follow the steps below:

If you fancy supporting the platform and want to get rid of those ads in the process, Twitch Turbo is the route you want to go down.

All in all, if you want to get an adblock working for Twitch again, the above solutions should do the trick. However, with Twitch’s platform getting better and better at getting around adblocking software, it is getting harder to be successful in your adblocking endeavors.

We will aim to update this how to fix adblock not working on Twitch with new methods as often as possible to give you the best chance at achieving an ad-free streaming experience so be sure to come back if you fall victim to those advertisements yet again.