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iPhone Charger VS Samsung Charger

Reviewed By: Kevin Pocock

Last Updated on January 2, 2024
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The infamous rivals, Samsung and Apple have been battling it out to produce the leading smartphone for some time. With the release of Apple’s flagship phone the iPhone 14 last autumn and Samsung’s Galaxy S22 coming out the March before, we see both mobile giants continue to produce pretty high-calibre devices.

Despite both phones having some similar functionalities, a clear difference between them is their charging connection. Samsung has adopted the widely universal USB-C charging port since 2017. Whereas, Apple has been keen to stick to their trusty 8-pin lightning connector despite making this advancement on the latest MacBooks and iPads.

An interesting topic emerges from this: How does the Samsung charger compare to the iPhone charger? Does this sound interesting enough? Let’s dive right in.

Are iPhone And Samsung Chargers The Same?

To answer this question quickly, no. iPhones currently use the 8-pin lightning connector and have been since 2012. Although, this is set to change in the next coming years.

Due to new European Union laws to tackle e-waste, Apple will have to build their new smartphones with a USB-C charging port. This change is expected to take place by Autumn 2024 but could happen sooner depending on Apple itself.

Samsung phones, on the other hand, use a USB-C charging port and you can find these on all their smartphone models released after the Samsung Galaxy S8. These ports are universally adopted which brings heaps of benefits when it comes to connecting your smartphone to other devices.

Is USB-C The Same For Apple And Samsung?

At the moment, Apple has introduced USB-C charging ports to a number of their newly released devices. You will notice that the newer iPad Pro, mini and Air models no longer have lightning connectors. This is the same with new MacBooks too.

The USB-C port found on these Apple devices is also the same as the USB-C port found on your Samsung devices. Apple has also stated online, that is fine to use a MacBook USB-C power adapter to fast charge your iPad. Technically, this reasoning should also apply to using your Samsung charger to charge other devices too.

It is important to note, however, that we do not recommend using unverified chargers on your devices and to be conscious when considering the power wattage required for them.


So there we have it! You should expect to see USB-Type C chargers being slowly implemented into Apple products in the next coming year or two.

As for Samsung, they have already made this transition along with a number of Android phones too. Want to learn more about iPhones and Samsung smartphones? Why not read our other articles from our dedicated iOS and Android sections?

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