Is there a new MacBook Pro coming in 2024?

Is there a new MacBook Pro coming in 2024? Image shows the MacBook Pro M3 on a light blue gradient background.

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There’s been plenty of word on the street about the M3 MacBook Air, but is there a new MacBook Pro coming in 2024? The Pro lineup is the more powerful of the MacBooks, and last year saw the laptops get the next-gen M3 chipset. However, with each new year comes a new range of Apple products, and many are wondering if the MacBook Pro will be getting a new model in 2024. In this article, we’ll explore the latest rumors and speculations surrounding the potential release of a successor to the MacBook Pro M3.

Will there be a new MacBook Pro in 2024?

In short, it’s too soon to tell if there will be a MacBook Pro in 2024, as not only have we heard nothing from Apple, but there hasn’t been much circulating about the rumor mill either. The latest MacBook Pro launch, the MacBook Pro M3, was launched in October 2023, just about four months ago at the time of writing. So, it would be somewhat unusual for a full successor to arrive just a few months after a whole new lineup featuring a new chipset has been released. However, is it impossible that we might see one towards the latter end of the year? No, it’s not!

In fact, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has recently speculated in a tweet on X that there might be a MacBook Pro with an OLED display getting a release before the end of the year (via Apple Insider). This move could potentially allow for thinner and lighter MacBooks, and introduce more diverse form factors. OLED technology offers superior contrast, color accuracy, and viewing angles, making it ideal for high-end laptops like the MacBook Pro. It’s worth noting that the tweet does state ‘at the earliest’ meaning that realistically their launch could come a lot later, perhaps in Q1 or Q2 of 2025, if these rumors are anything to go off.

So, while a late 2024 MacBook OLED-esq refresh is plausible, it may be quite late in the year, possibly to allow ample time for the M3 updates Apple introduced in late 2023.

M3 MacBook Pro:

M2 MacBook Pro:

When will a new MacBook Pro be released? 

At the time of writing, there’s no confirmation from Apple as to when there might be a new MacBook Pro released, especially as the latest models only came out a few months ago. However, as mentioned above, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has speculated that a MacBook Pro with an OLED display could potentially be released towards the end of 2024. So, while signs are pointing towards October to December 2024, it’s too soon to make a proper call.

How often should you buy a MacBook Pro?

When it comes down to it, how often you should buy a MacBook Pro depends on your performance demands and your budget. If you can afford it, you could by all means invest in every new MacBook Pro that comes out, but of course that isn’t really necessary. In terms of lifespan, a MacBook Pro should last you about five to ten years depending on how heavy your usage is. So, once you start seeing a performance decline about three to five years after purchase could be a suitable time to start thinking about an upgrade, but your MacBook Pro may end up serving you far longer than that.

Do MacBook Pros come out every year?

Yes, Apple usually refreshes the MacBook Pro annually, but it hasn’t been completely consistent with these updates. Moreover, the month in which the new MacBook comes out isn’t consistent either. For example, the M3 MacBook Pro came out in October 2023, but the M2 MacBook Pro came out in June 2022.


The rumors surrounding the potential release of a new MacBook Pro in 2024 have generated much excitement among Apple enthusiasts. From OLED displays to the powerful M3 Ultra chipset, Apple is poised to deliver cutting-edge technology and enhanced performance to its customers. While we await official confirmation from Apple, these rumors give us a glimpse into what the future holds for the MacBook Pro lineup; so, stay tuned for updates as Apple continues to innovate its high-performance laptop.

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