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Best monitors for Mac Mini

Last Updated on September 14, 2021

The Mac Mini is a fabulous little machine with a lot of power for both it’s size and price. If you have a little screen envy however at some of the more expensive Apple options with their beautiful displays, you might well be in the market for a screen to make iMac owners blush in embarrassment.

If that’s you we have you covered, here is our selection of the best options out there at the moment to suit all budgets for the best screen you can pair up with your little shiny box.

Products at a Glance

Our Recommended

Best monitors for Mac Mini

  • Vibrant display
  • IPS panel
  • 4K
  • Very plastic aesthetic
  • Relatively large bezel
  • Best 5k option
  • Rapid Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Looks like virtually every other monitor when turned off
  • Extremely portable
  • Great price
  • Good connections
  • Only full HD, not 4K
  • No HDMI
  • Beautiful display
  • Multiple connection options
  • Pro standard
  • You need deep pockets
  • And a big desk

Will I be able to control all of the monitor’s settings from my macOS settings?

With all the options here, yes you will. Some are Plug and Play, while others such as the ZenScreen will require the installation of a widget, but the best thing about compatible monitors is the level of fine-tuning you can do without ever touching your screen’s controls.

Our Verdict

The Ultrafine 4K from LG just about gets our vote here, and it mainly comes down to the price point that makes it a steal for those specs. It may be that you want or even need a 5k or ultrawide option and that’s fine, those covered here will serve you well, at an increased cost. But we are looking for the best monitor for the Mac Mini, so have made the assumption that budget at least does mean something to you.

The fact you can pick up a couple of these for the cost of one of the 5K model highlights its great value. Definitely a monitor worth picking up, it’s just a shame it’s a bit of a standard looker in terms of design.