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Best mousepads in 2023 – RGB, XL, and hard options

Last Updated on December 22, 2023
Best mousepads in 2023 - RGB, XL, and hard options. Image shows the Corsair MM350 mousepad underneath the PC Guide logo, on a light blue white gradient background.

In the look out to optimize your computer usage for gaming, work, or everyday activities, selecting the best mousepads in 2023 plays a crucial but often overlooked role. This guide explores some of the wide range of standout mousepads available, each with distinctive features tailored to diverse user preferences.

Mousepads are available in a variety of materials, dimensions, and styles, each designed to meet particular requirements. Gamers often need a mouse pad with a slick surface to enable rapid, precise movements, whereas, graphic designers might opt for a larger pad, providing a wider scope for movement. To help you find the ideal mousepad for your desktop setup, this guide should provide the ideal starting point. 

Products at a Glance

How we picked the best mousepads in 2023

Our selection process for the best mousepads in 2023 involves evaluating the overall quality, functionality, and user experience of each item. We consider a wide range of materials, from classic cloth to modern hard surfaces, assessing their durability and how well they cater to different mouse movement preferences.

In addition to the material and surface quality, we look at the overall design and size of the mousepads. User reviews and feedback play a significant role in understanding how different sizes and designs fit into various setups and purposes, and of course, nothing with poor reviews made it onto our list. Finally, we make sure to consider additional features such as wrist support, non-slip bases, and ease of maintenance to ensure you’re getting the best possible addition to your setup.

Of course, across PC Guide we’ve got a variety of buying guides focused on upgrading your computer setup – in particular your keyboard, mouse, and the best mousepads in 2023. To complete the trio, why not read into some of the best keyboard for typing, or the best ergonomic mouse to elevate your typing experience.

Our Recommended

Product Reviews

  • Optimized for all DPI settings
  • Non-slip, stable base
  • Durable and washable
  • May be too thick for some preferences
  • Limited to one color option
  • Might be too large for compact spaces

The SteelSeries QCK Heavy is a renowned mouse pad in the gaming community, celebrated for its durability and optimal surface. It features an exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth optimized for both low and high DPI tracking movements, making it suitable for a wide range of gaming styles. The extra thick, non-slip rubber base ensures the pad stays firmly in place, providing stability even on uneven surfaces. Additionally, its washable material adds to its longevity and ease of maintenance.

This mousepad is ideal for esports professionals and avid gamers who require a reliable surface for precise mouse movements. Its size and thickness make it perfect for users with average desk space who prioritize stability and consistent tracking performance. The QCK Heavy’s reputation for nearly two decades among esports pros underscores its quality and effectiveness in competitive gaming scenarios, and is part of the reason this mousepad gets Editor’s Choice as one of the best mousepads in 2023.

  • Low surface friction
  • Consistent texture
  • Durable, no-slip base
  • Hard surface may not suit all users
  • Limited to one design and color
  • Less cushioning than soft pads

 The Logitech G440 stands out as a top hard mouse pad, designed for gamers who prefer a low-friction surface for rapid, controlled movements. Its hard acrylic surface offers the right amount of resistance for sudden starts, stops, and quick movements, particularly beneficial in low-DPI gaming scenarios. The consistent surface texture of the G440 is engineered to optimize sensor performance, translating mouse movement into cursor movement with precision and accuracy.

This mouse pad is particularly suited for gamers and office users who require improved cursor control and speed. Its stable, rigid base prevents slipping during intense gaming sessions. The multi-layer construction ensures durability, making the G440 a long-lasting addition to any gaming setup. Its design focuses on enhancing sensor accuracy and precision, offering a significant performance advantage in high-speed gaming.

  • Razer Chroma RGB for customization
  • Micro-textured surface for precision
  • Non-slip rubber base for stability
  • Premium price for RGB features
  • Focus on aesthetics over performance
  • Might require regular cleaning

The Razer Firefly V2 is an innovative RGB mouse pad designed for gamers who crave personalization and immersive gaming experiences. It features Razer Chroma integration, offering full synchronization with popular games, Razer hardware, and compatible gear from various brands. The pad supports 16.8 million colors on its backlit keys, allowing for extensive customization. The micro-textured surface is optimized for precise pixel-tracking and calibrated for all mouse sensors, catering to both fast and controlled playstyles.

This mouse pad is perfect for gamers looking to enhance their gaming setup’s aesthetic appeal while enjoying a high-performance surface. Its non-slip rubber base ensures stability during intense gaming sessions. The built-in mouse cable manager adds practicality, providing mouse bungee-like functionality to keep wires organized and in place.

  • Spill-proof and stain-resistant
  • Large size for comprehensive coverage
  • Smooth glide with micro-weave fabric
  • May be too large for some desks
  • Fabric surface can accumulate dust
  • Limited to a single color option

The Corsair MM350 stands out as a top XL mouse pad, offering an expansive surface area that caters to gamers who need extra space. Measuring 930 mm x 400 mm, it provides ample room for a gaming mouse, keyboard, and other accessories. The pad features a spill-proof, stain-resistant coating, making it easy to clean and maintain. Its micro-weave fabric creates a dense surface for a faster and smoother glide, enhancing mouse movement efficiency.

This mouse pad is ideal for gamers who require a large, consistent surface area for their gaming setup. The spill-proof design adds practicality, especially for users who eat or drink at their gaming station. The 4 mm-thick plush rubber construction offers comfort for extended gaming sessions, and the durable stitched anti-fray edges ensure longevity and resist surface peeling.

How to find the best mousepads in 2023 for you

Many PC gamers focus on flashy mechanical keyboards or ultra-precise gaming mice, but a good mousepad is often neglected despite being an integral part of a good gaming experience. So, when looking for the best mousepads in 2023 make sure to take into consideration the following features:


Gaming mouse pads tend to cover more surface area than normal-use mouse pads. Smaller gaming mouse pads usually run around 12 inches wide, while larger mouse pads can reach up to 30 inches wide.

The main thing that determines what size you need is how much room you’re going to need for mouse movements. If you play on lower sensitivities, then a larger mat may be best so you can get a full range of motion. Additionally, with a larger mouse pad, you can also set your keyboard or laptop on top to keep them stable.

Alternatively, if you use high DPI precision mice and play on high sensitivity, you probably will not need as large a mouse pad.

Surface Material

Mouse pad surface material– specifically the material on the top that your mouse is actually going to be resting on– determines how smoothly your mouse glides across while playing. These run the gamut from soft cloth to hard metals and plastics.

In general, metal/composite and plastic-based surfaces are smoother and allow for much quicker mouse motions. This is one reason why many gamers who play FPS and MOBA games favor harder mouse pads; the decrease in friction equates to faster movements and gameplay.

Some gamers prefer softer cloth and fabric mouse pads, which tend to make movements a bit slower. However, in some cases, this is a good thing, especially if you prefer to play on lower sensitivities and find the exaggerated motions of low-friction mouse pads frustrating.


If you play a lot of games, then odds are your mousepad will see a lot of action. Unfortunately, over time this can mean the degradation and fraying of sewn cloth edges. That is why it is imperative to buy something that can stand up to repeated use, which means finding a surface that will not wear over time and a core that will keep its flat shape.

In general, metal and plastic mouse pads tend to get less wear on their surfaces (provided you are not pressing too hard) but also suffer from the drawback that they can warp and become curled at the edges after repeated use.

Cloth and fabric mats, on the other hand, are better at keeping their flat shape (and are more flexible) but might become frayed at the sewn edges, particularly if your mouse movements frequently go over the side of the mat. Designs may also be prone to wearing away after a while.

Some of the best mousepads in 2023 combine the best of both worlds and feature a stable metal/plastic core covered in soft cloth fabric.  Either way, check product reviews to make sure that the mouse pad you choose is made of quality materials that will last.

Wrist Support

Frequent keyboard and mouse gaming can put a lot of strain on the wrists, especially compared to using a console controller. Many gamers position their wrist awkwardly while holding their mouse which, over time, can lead to the development of discomfort and ailments like carpal tunnel.

That is why many gaming mouse pads come equipped with wrist rests. These wristrests are normally made out of foam or some kind of gel and are supposed to keep your wrist supported during long gaming sessions.

Although some gamers really appreciate the extra support and comfort of a wrist rest, others do not, as they believe the wrist rest restricts movement. Consider how much wrist support you need and make your decision accordingly. If necessary, you can always buy a custom wrist support pillow to fix to your mouse pad.

Stability and Grip

With all the quick mouse movements required for gaming, there is a risk of jostling your mouse pad side to side. While you don’t want it to stick to the table so well it’s hard to get off, you need some grip to keep the mouse pad firmly rooted during use.

Most of the time, a simple rubber base will do the trick, but, depending on the desk, you may need something with a bit of extra friction. Some mouse pads offer a textured underside with treads meant for gripping to a surface, or specialized pads on each of the corners.

USB Passthrough, LED lighting, etc.

Some gamers want a little more than bare functionality out of their mouse pads. That’s why many mouse pads come with extra features for a bit more flair and style. The most obvious example of this is the Razer Firefly that comes with a USB powered LED backlight, which has made it onto this list as one of the best mousepads in 2023.

Several mouse pads offer unique customizable lighting schemes that add to the aesthetic appearance of your battle station, while others have neat connectivity features like USB ports for charging and other peripheral connections.

What mousepad do pros use?

Many professional gamers prefer the SteelSeries QCK Heavy due to its reliable performance, optimal surface texture for precision tracking, and durability. Its widespread use in the esports community is a testament to its quality and effectiveness in high-stakes gaming environments.

Are hard or soft mouse pads better?

The choice between hard or soft mouse pads depends on personal preference and gaming style. Hard mouse pads, like the Logitech G440, are better for those who prefer sweeping and fast mouse movements, as they offer a low-friction surface that allows the mouse to glide quickly.

Our Verdict

Final thoughts – best mousepads in 2023

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some useful insight and options that can act as a starting point to finding the best mousepads in 2023 for your computer. Coming in as the Editor’s Choice, the SteelSeries QCK Heavy offers an exemplary balance of quality, performance, and durability. Esteemed by professional gamers for nearly two decades, its micro-woven cloth surface is optimized for both low and high DPI movements, catering to a wide range of gaming styles.

On the other hand, the Logitech G440 is ideal for gamers who prefer low-friction surfaces for rapid movements. For those seeking an immersive experience with customization, the Razer Firefly V2 offers RGB lighting with a high-performance surface. Meanwhile, the Corsair MM350 is the go-to choice for an expansive XL mouse pad, providing ample space and a smooth surface for both gaming and productivity.