8BitDo releases controller for Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service

The new go-to controller for mobile gaming?

8BitDo releases controller for Microsoft's xCloud game streaming service

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8BitDo is famous for producing some of the best Bluetooth peripherals on the market and they’re back again with a slight tweak on the usual formula, forming a partnership with Microsoft to produce a mini controller for their xCloud game streaming service.

Microsoft is set to launch its xCloud game streaming service in October of this year, allowing you to stream over 50 games from Xbox’s extensive library to your mobile devices. While you might be getting accustomed to the mobile controls on many of the games downloaded from your respective app store, trying to play AAA titles with them is a different story. Thankfully, with the 8BitDo SN30 Pro mini Xbox controller, you’ll not only be getting a full button layout but one that has a small form factor and the wireless reliability that 8BitDo is known for.

The SN30 Pro will unfortunately only be compatible with Android smartphones and tablets so you iOS users hoping to pick up this thing will be left wanting, stuck with the bulkier standard Bluetooth enabled Xbox One/Xbox Series X controller. If you are an Android user however, you can reap the benefits of an 18-hour battery life coupled with the more robust USB-C charging port that should become the industry standard soon enough. Moreover, you won’t need to worry if you like to customize your button configuration as they’ll also be a separate piece of software that enables custom button mapping and stick sensitivity.

How do I attach the controller to my device? I hear you ask. Well, 8BitDo has kindly included a clip that attaches straight onto your mobile setup, making your play time more comfortable as well as being easily able to change your viewing angles.

For those who would rather opt for the regular Xbox One/Xbox Series X controllers or are iOS owners, 8BitDo has also produced a separate high-quality Mobile Gaming Clip which has 2-axis adjustable positioning, making your mobile gaming experience as close to being in front of your monitor as possible.

If you’re wanting to pick up either the 8BitDo SN30 Pro mini Xbox controller or the Mobile Gaming Clip you’ll have to wait a little. You can, however, place a preorder and receive them when they get a full release on September 21st.

Preorder the 8BitDo SN30 Pro mini Xbox controller here for the respectable $44.99 and the Mobile Gaming Clip here for the impressive price of $14.99.

What are your initial thoughts on the mini Xbox controller and Mobile Gaming Clip? In our eyes, they’re a match made in heaven for mobile gaming due to the performance 8BitDo’s peripherals are known for, and the fact that they’re being made with the full partnership of Microsoft. They’ll work for other mobile games too not just xCloud, so could similarly be a fantastic choice for those who do a lot of mobile emulation, or like playing ported titles!