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AMD RX 7000 GPU users finally have a video upscaler, but it might not use AI

Last Updated on March 8, 2024
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AMD users can finally rejoice, as a video upscaler for AMD RX 7000 GPU is finally here to rival NVIDIA’s RTX VSR. This new video upscaling solution is available now, to give a boost to the image quality of low-resolution streams and videos. However, no one knows whether or not it’s using AI in its design.

The Adrenalin driver 24.1.1 update has introduced this video upscaler to users, as spotted by Tom’s Hardware. For RX 7000 users, they can update the driver now and get the benefits of the upscaler. To update to the latest driver, head into the graphics sub-menu in the gaming tab of the Adrenalin control panel. This will let you use the new driver at your discretion. The upscaler reportedly works in Media Player, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other programs.

AMD releases a new video upscaler in an Adrenalin driver update

Something interesting about the upscaler itself is no one is sure of the technology used in it yet. There haven’t been any announcements, so as far as anyone knows, there is no AI used in the video upscaler. AI is pretty standard in image and video upscalers, such as NVIDIA’s video upscaler. AMD has been open that it intends to enable AI upscaling in future hardware, so it’s unknown how long what’s in the Adrenalin 24.1.1 update will stick around.

The quality of the video being upscaled seems to be slightly sharper and has more vivid colors. However, it’s hard to tell the difference between them when put side-by-side. AMD could be using this upscaler as a placeholder for a future AI-upscaling solution. Until more AMD AI technology is shown off, though, RX 7000 users can still enjoy the Adrenalin driver 24.1.1 update in its place.

Video upscaling is a feature NVIDIA has had for their users that’s been praised. Many users have been asking for something similar from AMD, and this is the answer they’ve been waiting for. However, official reviews of the driver update have yet to come out. it’s hard to tell how good of a quality the update does for low-resolution.

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