AMD is enabling AI upscaling on its gaming devices and it could be coming to RDNA 4

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AI has seemingly been on a mission to take over the world, and no tech company is safe from its influence. AMD, being one of the most well-known producers of top-notch computer processors and equipment, is also letting AI take its roots in the company by enabling AI upscaling on its gaming devices.

This was revealed in an interview with AMD’s Chief Technical Officer, Mark Papermaster, during the No Priors podcast, where Papermaster discussed the company’s use of machine learning, cloud computing, and other AI projects. Near the episode’s end, Papermaster was asked what AMD was focused on for the future. He revealed that AI upscaling is being enabled for their gaming devices and that 2024 will be a huge deployment year for it.

AI upscaling is on its way to AMD gaming devices

AI upscaling for gaming has become popular in recent years, with both NVIDIA and Intel integrating a two-stage upscaling process in their GPUs. If AMD is implementing a similar process in its devices, AMD’s FSR could see image resolution rivaling both XeSS and DLSS. It’s rumored that the new upcoming RDNA 4 will use this tech in the GPU, as well.

Higher image resolution upscaled using AI can, however, cause lower performance, which could be a big detriment. While the dip in performance might not be too noticeable, if it’s even a bit worse than DLSS or XeSS, it will not be ignored by gamers looking for the best quality product.

The RDNA 4 is set to be released along with the RX 8000 series of GPUs coming up for AMD. However, since Papermaster didn’t bring it up during the podcast, AI upscaling will likely be a feature of more than just the new graphics cards on their way. For now, only time will tell just how many AMD gaming devices will see the technology implemented.

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