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AMD Ryzen 7 7700 is available at its lowest price yet

You can save over $80 on it
Last Updated on June 24, 2024
AMD Ryzen 7 7700
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The Ryzen 9000 series processors will hit the market soon, as they are expected to launch next month. However, while fans are eagerly waiting to try the next generation of processors, AMD has been slashing the prices of several existing processors in the past few weeks. We’ve seen big discounts on some top AMD processors, and the latest one to get its price slashed is the Ryzen 7 7700.

The Ryzen 7 7700 is listed at an all-time-low price

At the time of writing, the Ryzen 7 7700 is listed for $246.98 on Amazon and Newegg. When the processor was first launched, it had an MSRP of $449. However, after some price cuts, it dropped down to $329.00. But this has now changed, as for a limited time, you can save over $80 on the processor thanks to the latest price. Also, this is the lowest price we’ve seen for the Ryzen 7 7700 yet, so there hasn’t been a discount like this before.

Ryzen 7 7700 price history (Image source: Camelcamelcamel)

The Ryzen 7 7700 is a great processor that comes with 8 cores and 16 threads. On top of that, it features a base clock speed of 3.8 GHz, which can go up to 5.3 GHz. It also comes with the AMD Wraith Prism cooler with RGB LED lighting, which will help keep the temps low. Its initial launch price was a bit too high. But for $246.98, it’s definitely worth it. In case you want more power, you can opt for the Ryzen 7 7700X, which costs a bit more but is also listed at a discounted price.

Last week, the prices of the Ryzen 8000G processors also dropped, and three processors from the series are still available at a discounted price. And if you’re looking for a GPU too, you can also find discounts on different cards, including the Ryzen 7800 XT and 7700 XT. The best part is that AMD is also offering two free games if you buy any of the two GPUs, so now is the perfect time for you to upgrade your PC. Also, as we get near the launch of the Ryzen 9000 series, we can expect to see more discounts.

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