Don’t buy the LG C2, this LG C3 OLED TV deal is cheaper and better

Save big while stocks last on the LG C3

Two LG C2 OLED televisions displaying vibrant, colorful images against a red background.

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The arrival of LG’s new OLED TV lineup seems to have sparked a savings frenzy amongst older generations of the brand’s C-series range. The C3 42-inch TV has been discounted so much that it’s actually cheaper than the LG C2 right now, making it one of the best pre Amazon Spring Sale TV deals we’ve found.

That’s right folks, you might want to hold off on buying that LG C2 right now – as Amazon are going crazy with offers on the C3. At the time of writing this, the C3 42-inch model has a juicy 28% saving, seeing its price fall to an eye-catching $856 – around $30 cheaper than the next available 42-inch C2 on Amazon.

Amazon list LG C3 OLED TV for cheaper than C2

Until recently, LG’s new range of OLED TVs have only been available for pre order. That said, the models became officially available on Amazon yesterday – sparking mass price cuts across older models.

While this is great news for early adopters of the latest and greatest tech, here at PC Guide, we like to sniff out the best value prices – and for us, that comes in the shape of LG’s C3.

The C3 has been heavily discounted throughout the run up of the C4’s release date, but this latest offer has pushed its price to below that of the C2.

Why it’s worth considering the LG C3 over the LG C2

Obviously, the biggest reason to buy the LG C3 42-inch model over its C2 predecessor is the price right now. However, it’s worth touching on some of the technical improvements the C3 made over the C2 – as it really highlights just how good this TV deal is.

Overall, there aren’t a load of upgrades to be found when comparing the LG C3 vs C2. However, there is one decent upgrade – and it’s one that affects user experience a lot.

The biggest upgrade the LG C3 saw was better picture quality and a slightly higher peak brightness – something that affected the C2 in numerous reviewer tests. When the C2 launched, it was slated for offering an underwhelming brightness – something the C3 tried to rectify.

The brand fitted the C3 with a new Alpha 9 Gen 6 processor and tweaked the max brightness, combining nicely for much better overall picture quality.

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