Where to buy LG C4 – get your new OLED TV here

Everything you need to know about the expected retailers of the LG C4

Where to buy LG C4

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We’re showing you where to buy LG C4 OLED TVs in the US and the UK with the likes of Canada sooner rather than later all being well. We’re going through all available sizes and their respective prices so you can find the model that’s right for you. We are only relying on trusted retailers such as LG directly and Amazon, so you can buy with confidence.

In this article, we hope to prepare you for the newly released LG C4 OLED TV with our where to buy the LG C4 guide. If you’d like to find out a little more about the LG C4’s capabilities, check out our LG C4 release date hub where we touch upon some of its upgrades. Additionally, if you want to take a look at some of our coverage of the LG C4’s predecessors, here’s our LG C3 OLED vs LG G3 OLED comparison guide.

Where to buy the LG C4 OLED in the US

Amazon US

The world’s largest online retailer has all six sizes of LG C4 OLED from 42-inch to 83-inch available as cheap (or even cheaper) than going through LG directly. Depending on the size, you may even get the panel shipped out to you faster, making this a definitive option for shopping.


LG itself is among your best bets for getting your hands on the LG C4 OLED model of your desired size. It has all six sizes available from 42-inch up to 83-inch so you can get the one that’s right for you directly from the manufacturer.

Best Buy US

Check for LG C4 OLED stock at Best Buy

Newegg US

Check for LG C4 OLED stock at Newegg

Where to buy the LG C4 OLED – Canada expected retailers

It doesn’t appear as though the LG C4 OLED is available yet in Canada as with the US but we’ll be updating you with stock as long as it goes live so you don’t miss out.


Check for LG C4 OLED stock at LG

Best Buy CA

Check for LG C4 OLED stock at Best Buy

Newegg CA

Check for LG C4 OLED stock at Newegg CA

Amazon CA

Check for LG C4 OLED stock at Amazon CA

Where to buy the LG C4 OLED pre orders in the UK

Over in the UK, the LG C4 OLED is now available to pre order and if you act fast, you can get your hands on a free soundbar included with the TV at no extra cost through LG directly. As for other retailers, they don’t appear to have caught up yet but we’ll be updating you accordingly.


Amazon UK

Check for LG C4 OLED stock at Amazon UK


Check for LG C4 OLED stock at Currys

Overclockers UK

Check for LG C4 OLED at Overclockers UK

What can we expect from the LG C4?

There’s been some information released about the specs and capabilities of the LG C4 and we’re here to tell you all we know. The LG C4 is said to host some impressive new features, including higher refresh rates, a brightness boost, better audio quality with AI Sound Pro technology, and a new chip (Alpha). The new processor promises a 70% increase in performance over previous LG OLED TVs.

The LG C4 will come in 6 different screen sizes, 42-inch models, 48-inch models, 55-inch models, 65-inch models, 77-inch models, and 83-inch models. It will also have 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs and AI-based picture processing capabilities. The impressive specs of the LG C4 certainly make it one to watch!

When is the LG C4 available for purchase?

The LG C4 is available right now in the US, however, it does not appear to be available for those in the UK or Canada just yet. We’re expecting this to change as we get further through March as America leads the charge. Be sure to come back often to avoid any disappointment.

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