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Where to buy Sony Bravia 9 mini-LED TV – expected retailers & pre order

Our up to date guide to where to buy Sony's new flagship mini-LED TV
Last Updated on April 25, 2024
Where to buy Sony Bravia 9 pre order
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As Sony’s new flagship TV launches, it’s time to figure out where to buy the Sony Bravia 9. This looks to be one of the best mini-LED TVs to date and a high-spec display for any home theater or gaming setup. It will offer unmatched brightness levels, with Sony calling it their brightest 4K to date. There isn’t very long until the Bravia 9 release date hits, so let’s see where you can buy one.

We’ve already spotted the mid-range Bravia 7 going up for sale on multiple retailers, and we expect the flagship to follow suit very soon – some early listings have been spotted. It is already up for pre order on the official Sony store, but we’re going to cover some alternatives, covering the US, UK, and Canada.

Sony Bravia 9 pre order now live

As we can see on the Sony store (in multiple regions), the Bravia 9 is available for pre order and will be shipping from June 10th in the UK. Do note that dates will differ per region. In the US and Canada, it is available in all three sizes, but strangely the 65″ model is missing from the UK and wider Europe. Either way, the official store is the best place to go right now if you want to pre order. We hope to see other big retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy joining soon.

Sony Bravia 9 – US expected retailers

Starting off in the US, here’s our up to date list of retailers.


Best Buy

B&H Home Video

Sony Bravia 9 – Canada expected retailers

Below you’ll find our best for those of you in Canada.


Best Buy

Sony Bravia 9 – UK expected retailers

Lastly, UK consumers can think about local retailers such as Currys in addition to the usual Amazon.



Is there a Sony Bravia 9 pre order bonus?

Yes, we’ve already seen a pre order bonus available when you direct from Sony. This is the same as the one we’ve spotted for the Bravia 7 – a free Bravia Cam with your purchase when you pre order. Not every region is showing pre orders just yet though (just the UK at the time of writing), but we expect the same promotion to be available elsewhere.

What is the best place to buy Sony Bravia 9?

Going directly to the official Sony store in your region is of course a good place to start. However, prices can vary depending on region and we expect alternatives such as Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Home Video to be excellent choices. Over in the UK, regional retailer Currys is always a good option as well.

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