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Sony Bravia 7 mini-LED TV release date estimate, specs, and price revealed

A closer look at Sony's upcoming Bravia 7 release date, specs, and price
Last Updated on April 24, 2024
Sony Bravia 7 mini-LED TV release date, specs, price
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It hasn’t been long since Sony announced their 2024 Bravia TV line-up, but it looks like a quick turnaround for the Bravia 7 release date in particular. This more mid-range model looks to bring high-end mini-LED panel technology at a more affordable level. We’ve already seen listings for the Bravia 7 go up online (see our where to buy Sony Bravia 7 guide), but just when does it come out?

In addition to figuring out when exactly you can get your hands on this TV, we’ll also go into the specs and price which have now been officially revealed. Interested in even more new Sony TVs this year? Then check out our Bravia 9 release date and Bravia 8 release date pages as well.

Sony Bravia 7 release date – estimated & confirmed

The latest on the Bravia 7 release date can be found by checking out the product pages on Sony’s website. It has also been spotted on retailers such as Amazon, with delivery available as soon as April 25th for the 55″ model. In contrast, the larger 75-inch and 85-inch variants are slated for April 29th with pre-orders currently in place.

Below we’ve arranged the release dates according to the Sony store in the US, Canada, and the UK at the moment. We can see the earliest date is April 29th on the US Sony store and a free Bravia Web Cam is advertised with your purchase.

55″April 29 (estimated)TBAMay 27
65″April 29 (estimated)TBAMay 27
75″May 6 (estimated)TBAJune 10
85″May 6 (estimated)TBAJune 10
Sony Bravia 7 release date table

Sony Bravia 7 specs

Product numberXR70
ProcessorBravia XR processor
Sizes55″, 65″, 75″, 85″
Screen technologyMini-LED
Refresh rate120Hz
HDMI standardHDMI 2.1 (2 ports)
FeaturesVRR, ALLM, Dolby Vision, ‘Perfect for PS5’ features
Audio2 channel speaker, Acoustic Multi Audio, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, IMAX Enhanced
Operating SystemGoogle TV
Sony Bravia 7 specs table

Sony has said that the new Bravia 7 should perform similar to last year’s X95L, while being a spiritual successor to the X90L. It’s designed to be a more affordable version of the Bravia 9, and while we don’t have the specifics just yet, it will feature less local dimming zones. This does result in worse contrast control, but it will still provide an impressively-bright display and solid HDR visuals. Another change is the less powerful Acoustic Multi Audio (rather than AMA+).

The usual gaming features are included with support for up to 4K 120Hz with the HDMI 2.1 standard. VRR and ALLM are available, plus the exclusive PS5 features we’ve already seen in last-gen’s Sony TVs (Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode). It will be available in sizes from 55-inch to 85-inch to cater for a slightly wider range of consumers.

A full range of specs can be found on the Sony product page. Additional features and design choices can be seen in the product video below.

Sony Bravia 7 official product video (source: Sony)

Sony Bravia 7 price – US, Canada, UK

While we do have to wait for the Bravia 7 to be released in every region, we don’t have to wait to view the pricing as Sony has already disclosed this. Below we’ve covered all models in the US, Canada, and the UK. As a mid-range alternative, it is up to $2,000 cheaper than the flagship in the case of the 85 inch variant.

Sony Bravia 7 price table

As RTINGs has mentioned, some 2023 models such as the X90L will see continued availability this year (likely at a reduced cost), so there are a couple of great QLED options if you want something cheaper.

How is the Sony Bravia 7 different from Sony Bravia 9?

Both the Bravia 7 and Bravia 9 are part of Sony’s new 2024 TVs with a brand-new naming convention. The pair of them are mini-LED TVs (the Bravia 8 being OLED if you’re curious).

As far as key differences go, the mid-range model has much fewer local dimming zones, which will affect the peak brightness, picture quality, contrast levels, and colors. Even still, the Bravia 7 is said to be 790% brighter than the X90L thanks to the addition of its mini-LED backlighting technology compared to the X90L’s standard LED with Full Array.

Is the Sony Bravia 7 worth it?

We definitely think the Bravia 7 will be a great option for a wide range of consumers, whether you’re looking to upgrade your home theater setup or gaming experience. Thanks to its upgrade to a mini-LED backlight solution, it offers much of what you’ll find in the 2024 flagship model at a more affordable price. While rival manufacturers continue to push OLED technology, Sony have mini-LED covered, and these displays offer a longer lifespan to boot.

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