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Where to buy Sony Bravia 8 OLED TV – expected retailers & pre order

Here's where to buy and pre order the Sony Bravia 8 OLED TV
Last Updated on April 25, 2024
Where to buy Sony Bravia 8 pre order
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It hasn’t been long since Sony launched their new range of Bravia TVs, so today we’re going to look at where to buy the Sony Bravia 8 OLED TV. The Bravia 8 release date is not far away at all, especially now that we’ve seen the entry-level Bravia 3 and mid-range Bravia 7 hitting stores already. In this guide, we cover the best retailers in the US, UK, and Canada.

This looks to be one of the best OLED TVs in 2024, although it is second in command to the flagship Bravia 9 which instead uses mini-LED technology. Both LG and Samsung have already released their OLED line-up this year, so now it’s time for Sony to join the party – but where can you buy one?

Sony Bravia 8 pre order now available

The latest news on the Bravia 8 is that pre orders are officially available, at least on the UK store page, with shipping due to start on June 24th for the 55″ and 65″ models. In the US and Canada, this new OLED TV is not yet available to pre order but is still listed with a prompt to sign up for notifications. As it starts becoming available to buy on multiple retailers, we’ll be keeping an eye on any pre order phases and associated bonuses if applicable.

Sony Bravia 8 – US expected retailers

We expect the Bravia 8 to be available from a range of retailers in the US, as well as the official store. See our updated store links just below.


Best Buy

B&H Home Video

Sony Bravia 8 – Canada expected retailers

Below you’ll find the best retailers for those of you in Canada.


Best Buy

Sony Bravia 8 – UK expected retailers

Lastly, UK consumers can think about local retailers such as Currys in addition to the usual Amazon.



Is there a Sony Bravia 8 pre order bonus?

Sony is running the same pre order promotion for multiple of their 2024 Bravia TVs. The Bravia 8 is the only OLED they’ve announced so far, and if you pre order it through their official store then you can get a Bravia Cam for free. Based on the UK store, the CMU-BC1 cam is worth £199 – so not a bad saving.

When will the Sony Bravia 8 be available to buy?

Right now, we’re still in the pre order phase for the Bravia 8, but we expect it to become more widely available in various regions very soon. Considering the fact that both the Bravia 3 and Bravia 7 are now easily accessible on the likes of Amazon, the new OLED shouldn’t be too far off. To compare, its predecessor, the A80L, released in May 2023 and we predict a similar timeframe.

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