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Where to buy Sony Bravia 7 mini-LED TV – US, Canada, UK pre order

Where to buy and pre order the new Sony Bravia 7 - all in one place!
Last Updated on April 25, 2024
Where to buy Sony Bravia 7 pre order
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With the Sony Bravia 7 release date just around the corner – and pre orders already live – it’s already time to check out where to buy the Sony Bravia 7. This is one of Sony’s brand-new mini-LED televisions and somewhat of a spiritual successor to last year’s X90L. Regardless, if you’re looking to upgrade to a high-spec TV without going all out on the Bravia 9 flagship, then this is an excellent alternative.

Here we cover the biggest and best retailers to buy from in the US, UK, and Canada as well as any pre order details. We aim to keep this page as up to date as possible, so you should be able to find this new mini-LED TV in no time.

Sony Bravia 7 pre order now available

Like we said, pre orders are already live. They become available shortly after Sony announced the new Bravia TV line-up, with listings appearing on their official store page. In the US, pre orders are slated to begin shipping on April 29th, or May 6th for the larger 75″ and 85″ sizes.

Other retailers are now joining in or have it available to buy already, so we’re going to keep you up to date on where to find the new Bravia 7 TV as we quickly make our way through the pre order phase.

Sony Bravia 7 – US retailers

Kicking things off with the best retailers to check out in the US. We’ve already seen the Sony Bravia 7 available to buy on retailers such as Amazon and B&H Home Video – two great places to start your search.


Best Buy

B&H Home Video

Sony Bravia 7 – Canada retailers

If you’re based in Canada, then an early listing has already been seen on Best Buy. However, Amazon is also fully stocked if you don’t want to check out the official Sony CA store.


Best Buy

Sony Bravia 7 – UK retailers

It looks like the UK will have to wait a little longer, but product lists and pre orders are already available on the Sony UK store and Amazon. We’d recommend keeping an eye on local retailers such as Currys as well.



Is there a Sony Bravia 7 pre order bonus?

Anyone looking to be an early adopter of the new Bravia 7 is probably interesting in a bonus promotion. Luckily, one is available if you buy directly from Sony. Pre ordering this 2024 TV, no matter the size, earns you a free Bravia Cam (CMU-BC1) that’s usually worth $199.99.

We’ve also spotted some nice additional bundle deals (such a soundbar bundle) which will save you up to $100 with your purchase. Certain promotions do vary depending on region, so be sure to check out all the details before you buy.

How much does the Sony Bravia 7 cost?

Prices may vary between retailers, but we can reference the Sony store to give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending on the Bravia 7 if you buy it at launch:

  • 55-inch: $1,899 (US) / $2,299 (CA) / £1,899
  • 65-inch: $2,299 (US) / $2,699 (CA) / £2,199
  • 75-inch: $2,799 (US) / $3,599 (CA) / £2,799
  • 85-inch: $3,499 (US) / $4,699 (CA) / £3,499

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