Facebook shutters its Pinterest competitor Hobbi

Facebook shutters its Pinterest competitor Hobbi

While Facebook seems to be making moves in both the streaming and VR industries, it also looks like it is making some cutbacks. This one comes in the form of it’s Pinterest competitor Hobbi being shut down.

It was only in February that Hobbi’s iOS app was launched, allowing you to basically do the same things as you can on Pinterest; collect and organize different photos for the projects you might be undertaking. However, while you might think that Pinterest is great so Hobbi would be too, it received a whole host of poor reviews on the App Store mainly due to the app requiring you to input your phone number to the data-hungry Facebook overlords.

It’s estimated that Hobbi only received 7,000 US downloads which you might think that it’s a complete failure for the New Product Experimentation Team over at Facebook, but this team’s goal is to “try different ideas by creating small, focused apps in order to see whether people find certain features useful or engaging.” which in our eyes simply means throw a bunch of ideas out there and see what sticks with the public. This is also not the first time this team has seen their app receiving poor ratings with their entry to DJing AUX sporting two stars, again, on the App Store.

In the future, the New Product Experimentation Team may see some serious successes, especially with the number of apps they’re able to churn out in such a short period of time but with Facebook being the main driver behind these creations, many individuals are likely to give them poor ratings anyway and will hinder their overall performance.

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