Get your kids coding with Microsoft this summer

Worried that those tiny brains may not get the exercise they need this summer? Microsoft is here to help out.

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If you are already concerned about what you can get up to with the kids this summer, Microsoft may be able to help you out with its Virtual Summer Camp featuring an array of exciting online courses and classes designed purely with the little ones in your life in mind.

From learning to code in Minecraft to designing the perfect space explorer, or even touring the world-famous Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s newly renovated Hall of Fossils (all virtually of course!) there is going to be plenty to keep them entertained if they have the slightest interest in any of the subjects available.

Space Jammin’

All the courses can be signed up for online at the link above and are run across several days so hopefully, you can find one that fits with your schedule. Once signed up your child will receive a link to the Microsoft team’s event and they can then join in the fun with the rest of the group.

Microsoft has also teamed up with Space Jam for a series of game coding classes, or if the kids are interested in making their own arcade game, well they can do that too!

The course all last around 90s minutes and each course’s page lists the skills your child should have learned by the end of the class.

It sounds like a great, fun way to help keep their brains that extra bit active after a very strange 18 months for the younger ones among us.

Check out all the dates and courses available right here and sign your child up today.

Let us know in the comments below whether they liked their course or not and how you would improve it if need be.

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