Teach your kids to bake… with coding

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Every now and then your faith gets restored that the internet is actually a place for good as well as evil. Today was such a day. By now, your kids are inevitably going stir-crazy. Tiny humans were not built to stay indoors sat around doing nothing for weeks on end.

Sooner or later, something is going to give. Fortunately creative folk keep coming up with things to try and alleviate the boredom for them and the smart people at BT have just launched a new site that takes the premise of baking and adds a little virtual sugar and turns it into a coding lesson. Yes, you read that right.

Taking control of a robot arm, inquisitive little bakers will issue coding-style commands and see their instructions carried out in front of them. 

When they are happy with the order of their commands, they can choose to [Run_Sequence] and watch as the robot arm goes to work. You did tell the robot to crack the eggs before adding them to the bowl didn’t you?

If they got it wrong, they can then debug their cake-baking code and tinker with the running order until they perfect it. You can see the whole point I’m sure.

It’s a wonderfully sweet experiment (no pun intended), presented in a really engaging way with a real purpose behind it. 

“‘Code a cake’ is a great demonstration of our ambition to provide essential digital skills and training to 10 million people in the UK,” Jo Trimmings, group brand marketing manager at BT, told us.

“At a time when education at home couldn’t be more important, we hope this can provide a fun and constructive activity that both adults and kids can benefit from.” 

You can have a go yourself here  – It might just pass a little extra time with the kids and spark an interest in coding that will set them on their way for years to come.