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Get your questions in early for the r/intel Lunar Lake AMA as the new CPUs launch this quarter

Intel is making an effort to interact with the community
Last Updated on July 11, 2024
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Lunar Lake is an upcoming mobile CPU architecture from Intel, the primary use for these new CPUs will likely be in lightweight notebooks and other power-efficient devices. There are rumored to be some impressive improvements made to the architecture based on all new P and E cores, with expected IPC improvements on E cores jumping into the 68% mark over last generation Meteor Lake, leaks suggest.

We don’t officially know a whole lot about Lunar Lake so far, we only know for sure that it is set to release in Q3 2024 (which we are in) the rest is just speculation – and Arrow Lake is expected a month later is expected. Well, moderators of r/intel and a few participating Intel employees will host an Ask Me Anything session on July 22nd to shed some light on the upcoming mobile chips. And they are accepting early questions now.

Reddit Lunar Lake AMA session

On the 10th of July, r/intel moderator bizude made a post announcing the Intel AMA about Lunar Lake CPUs.

Image source: Reddit

If you have any burning questions, the AMA session will take place on r/intel on the 22nd of July 2024, hopefully just days before the release of the mobile chips. As the post reveals, “Intel is about to release their newest generation of mobile CPUs”. If you want to submit a question now, you may do so, and the moderators will submit it to the employees beforehand.

Do note, however, that the sneaky among you might be hoping to get in a few questions about Arrow Lake, or the upcoming Battlemage dGPUs, well don’t bother! bizude clearly states that the guests will only be able to talk about Lunar Lake when AMA time comes.

How do you watch the AMA?

The AMA will likely be hosted on Reddit in r/intel itself via the live chat feature, it’s also possible that a link will be posted to a presentation app for us to watch. If that is the case, nothing has been outlined by the moderators yet, but we will keep you updated on how to watch the AMA when the time comes.

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