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Intel 15th gen Arrow Lake CPUs to launch a month after Lunar Lake despite ‘delayed’ rumors

The launch has not been delayed
Last Updated on June 24, 2024
Intel Lunar Lake CPU promotional render
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Intel is gearing up for the launch of its next generation of processors, Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake. These processors are expected to offer significantly better performance than last gen, and fans cannot wait for their arrival. Previously, there were reports that the upcoming lineup of processors had been delayed. However, it seems this is not the case at all, as Benchlife has received an update from Intel on the situation.

For the uninformed, Lunar Lake refers to Intel’s upcoming mobile CPUs, which will ‘power more than 80 new laptop designs’ according to Intel, whereas Arrow Lake refers to the upcoming Intel 15th gen desktop processors.

Intel Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake processors have not been delayed

If you don’t already know, DigiTimes recently reported that Intel’s Core Ultra 200 Lunar Lake CPUs have been delayed, and the processors will now start shipping in September instead of June. This news came as a shock to those who were looking forward to getting the new processors sooner rather than later. However, it seems Benchlife has a different story, as they have received a new update from Intel.

According to Benchlife, Intel has provided an update in response to DigiTimes’ report and has confirmed that the processors have not been delayed and are scheduled to ship in Q3 for the holiday season. In other words, they probably were never planned for June in the first place. The company stated, “Intel’s upcoming client processor (code-named Lunar Lake) has not been delayed. As disclosed earlier, Lunar Lake-based systems will start shipping in Q3 for the Holiday season.”

Benchlife further adds that Intel is planning to release the Intel Lunar Lake processors in early September. While there isn’t a fixed release date yet, it is expected to happen sometime between September 14 and 24. This will be right before the Intel Innovation event, which kicks off on September 24.

Don’t forget about new motherboards

Aside from Lunar Lake, Intel’s Arrow Lake-S processors and their compatible Z890 motherboards are expected to arrive in October this year, a month after Lunar Lake’s launch. Rumors about an October launch also surfaced during Computex. Also, if you were looking forward to seeing the non-K series processors and B860 and H810 motherboards this year, you might be disappointed, as Benchlife claims that we won’t see them until 2025.

In any case, the next few months are going to be a treat for PC hardware fans. This is because the AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPUs and Ryzen 9000 CPUs are expected to hit the market next month, while AMD’s X870 and B850 motherboards will arrive sometime during Q3 2024. Intel’s Arrow Lake and Panther Lake laptop processors were also leaked a few weeks ago, which gave us a closer look at the features of these processors.

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