Google Maps Now Includes Routes for Docked Cycling-Share Schemes

The new feature includes routes for docks in 10 cities around the world amid shift towards eco-friendly travel options

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Building on their already established relationship with Ito World, Google is introducing a new functionality to Google Maps. Starting today, the journey planning application will show cycling routes for those using docked bike-share schemes like Santander Cycles in London. 

The update comes after a 69 percent increase in requests for cycle routes since February this year, including a record number of requests in June, reports Verge. The new functionality is a welcomed instalment, especially since cities are promoting cycling as an eco-friendly form of travel, especially during the pandemic. 

According to Verge, the feature will become available in the coming weeks to Chicago; New York City; the San Francisco Bay Area; Washington, DC; London; Mexico City; Montreal; Rio De Janeiro; São Paulo; and Taipei and New Taipei City. Google is planning to add more cities to this list in the next few months.

This new feature works by giving you walking directions to the nearest bike dock, followed by directions to the next bike dock and, finally, walking directions to your destination. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t own a bike to manage their time while using bike-sharing schemes and ditching the price that comes with getting a taxi, both for your wallet and the environment.