MSI edge closer to solving OLED panel’s biggest drawback

Warranty updates on OLED monitors show how confident companies now are in their products.

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Even with the best OLED monitors on the market, there is still a risk of burn-in. Screen burn-in is dreaded by all display aficionados so it makes sense that top monitor manufacturers are making efforts to prevent it.

In this vein, MSI has introduced new technology to help protect their monitors against burn-in called MSI OLED Care 2.0. Details of this new iteration of OLED Care are still scarce, but it’s likely to feature more advanced versions of the original version’s defense measures, namely: pixel shift, a dual-option panel protection mode, and static screen detection which can autonomously dim the panel when parts of the image don’t move.

It’s also clear from an update to MSI’s warranty policies that the company has the utmost confidence in the longevity of its OLED displays.

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What is burn-in?

Burn-in refers to permanent image retention on your display. this means artifacts of previous images will remain regardless of the content being displayed

OLED burn-in may develop when a display consistently shows static content over a long period. This could be channel logos, news tickers, or even HUD elements in video games.

Depending on your OLED screen and the length of time they are displayed, these static elements can imprint themselves onto the screen, resulting in semi-permanent or even permanent visual artifacts. If these artifacts fade after displaying a more varied picture for a while you’re experiencing image retention rather than full-on burn-in. If however, the artifacts persist regardless of the displayed content your screen may well have been permanently damaged by burn-in.

ASUS vs MSI: The battle between burn in warranties

Since the start of February, both Asus and MSI have updated the warranties they are offering on OLED monitors.

It kicked off with Asus updating the warranty on all of its OLED monitor models to a two-year policy. This will certainly come as a welcome update to consumers, especially those worried about burn-in, as it exemplifies the confidence Asus has in its products.

Since then MSI has updated several of its OLED panels with 3-year warranty policies, which in combination with its updated OLED Care technology, is also aimed at bringing peace of mind to any customers who may have been umming and aging about investing in an OLED monitor.

The result of all this is nothing if not great for you the consumer! It means that whether you go with one of MSI’s top OLED monitors or any ASUS OLED monitor model, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you have great warranty coverage.

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