Helicopters Arriving in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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Yeah, bored of jets and stunt planes already? Microsoft’s highly active Flight Simulator 2020 community have been begging for helicopters to be added to the mega-sim for a while now – there have been some third-party and mod options but nothing official, but Microsoft and developer Asobo have announced that work is underway to include choppers in the sim in 2022.

With the Xbox version of Flight Simulator 2020 released next week, the audience for the sim is about to grow exponentially and the devs are keen to keep the original promise of the game having at least a 10-year development cycle and at the same time, pack it with what the good people want.

Flight Simulator 2020 has been the perfect fillip to gamers unable to travel because of Covid-19 and almost the perfect escape too in many ways and the news that you will soon be able to buzz around in your favorite helicopters has been well received.

While no news yet of what we can expect to be flying, in my head it’s will be a Huey over the jungle with Motown blaring out – maybe I have watched too many war films.

Helicopters have been so in demand as they will allow pilots to study the scenery and buildings in much more detail than they are able to when whizzing by overhead in a jet.

The news that helicopters would be with us next year was released via the game’s roadmap which you can see below, which also highlights a few other things that will be of interest that are penned in the coming months.

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