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Hori’s new Steam controller serves as an unofficial sequel to the original that lacks a few defining features

No signs of a trackpad
Last Updated on June 27, 2024
Wireless Horipad for Steam marketing photo
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It has been a few years now since Valve discontinued the Steam Controller, an effort to create a unique gamepad that stood out from the mainstream options. As well as being a regular pad, it was designed to play games traditionally designed for a mouse and keyboard setup with its clickable dual-trackpad design that was later adopted by the Steam Deck.

Not everyone got on board with the idea, instead sticking to their usual Xbox or PlayStation favorites. Even if Valve hasn’t followed up with a sequel, fans will be glad to hear about this unofficial follow-up. Fans will be glad to know that Hori, a company well-known for creating some of the best controllers for various platforms, has recently announced a new controller for Steam users.

Introducing the Horipad

The new controller from Hori is called Horipad and it’s designed specifically for Steam. According to the official website, the controller boasts 4 custom buttons for different functions, a dedicated Steam button to launch the big picture mode or open Steam, and a quick access menu button. On top of that, it supports both Bluetooth and Wired connections. It also features Gyro Support, but only while Steam Mode is activated.

Horipad for Steam (Image source: Hori)

The controller will also launch with a dedicated application that will let you customize the controls and adjust the sensitivity. However, it is important to note that the Horipad does not have a trackpad or vibration function. It also lacks a headphone jack, much like Valve’s Steam Controller. If you’re interested in getting the controller, you’ll need to wait a few months. It is currently scheduled to launch on October 31st in Japan, but there is no word yet on when it will become available in the US, UK, or Canada.

The official product page lists the controller for 7,890 yen, which converts to about $50. However, regional pricing is yet to be revealed and may be higher when (or if) it launches globally.

Can the Horipad replace the original Steam controller?

While it’s great to see what can be considered a new Steam controller, it’s still missing one major feature: trackpads. The original Steam controller, which has now been discontinued, featured a dual trackpad design that users loved, unique from the usual thumbstick layout. On top of that, third-party controllers, including the new Horipad, also lack rumble, something that many users want.

Either we’ll have to wait for a third-party company to come up with a controller that is similar to the original one or for Valve to launch a new version of the official Steam Deck controller. However, given its relatively short lifetime – released in 2015 and discontinued in 2019 – it may take a company brave enough to resurrect the idea.

At least we’ve got the Steam Deck

We can settle with the Steam Deck (or upcoming Zotac Zone) for now if you want a trackpad controller, especially since those gamepads also make space for conventional thumbsticks. However, for long gaming sessions, an external controller can prove to be more comfortable.

Valve’s Steam Deck comes with built-in controllers on each side of the touchscreen, including clickable joysticks, haptic feedback triggers, and several buttons. You can say that it’s a large screen placed in the middle of a controller. This allows its users to play games without needing any additional peripherals.

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