I3 Broadband Outage – Everything we know

Is i3 Broadband down? Let's get into it

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I3 Broadband outage is picking up some speed online this morning (get it?) after multiple reports from various sources are reporting i3 broadband is down. First picked up by Down Detector, we can see from the graph below that complaints were first registered at around 8.10 AM GMT with 288 reports, which shows no sign of slowing down.

Credit: Down Detector

The comments section on the i3 Broadband Down Detector page is looking rather colorful too, with some users leaning towards the i3 Broadband Outage being a common occurrence. One user has stated it’s worth paying a bit extra for broadband provider Xfinity due to their robust stability and lack of issues:

i3 Broadband Outage
Credit: Down Detector

Tension seems to be building on Twitter too thanks to other down detection services catching onto the i3 Broadband outage within the last half hour. Fing Internet Alert has shared the heatmap of the outage, suggesting that the i3 broadband outage is isolated to Illinois, more specifically Morton, Eat Peoria, and Pekin.

Credit: Fing Internet Alert

As it stands there’s no official comment regarding the i3 Broadband Outage from i3, but we can assume this will follow if the situation escalates further. Rather than being a malicious issue, all signs point to either a server issue or possible issues with line exchanges or copper/fiber lines themselves seeing as this is a localized issue.

This would make sense considering i3 Broadband focuses on the Peoria and Champaign-Urbana Illinois areas, making them a relatively small fish in a big pond over in the USA thanks to Xfinity and other big companies dominating the Broadband market.

It seems that their motto is keeping things local with their CEO Paul Cronin having a sit down with Tim Shelley of WCBU Radio to discuss the impact Covid-19 has had on the broadband industry. IT’s good to see a CEO with a preference for local presence but with a keen eye on the industry at large:

Credit: i3 Broadband

We will update this post as the situation develops with the i3 Broadband outage here on PC Guide.

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