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Zenless Zone Zero actually runs well on Steam Deck – here’s how to install it

ZZZ is up and running on Steam Deck
Last Updated on July 4, 2024
Zenless Zone Zero gameplay screenshot
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Now that Zenless Zone Zero is here, the usual benchmarking tests are surfacing online. There’s one thing we always like to pay attention to, and that’s Steam Deck performance. Valve’s popular gaming handheld always has someone testing and tinkering around to see how well the latest games on the market run. Considering that ZZZ isn’t available directly through Steam, you may be surprised to hear that the game runs nicely, even in the face of game crashes on PC.

So, no official Steam Deck verification status will be coming considering its third-party launcher, but that’s not needed when the proof is available elsewhere. Additionally, we’ve curated a list of the best graphics settings if you want to play Zenless Zone Zero on your Steam Deck.

Zenless Zone Zero runs at 60 FPS on Steam Deck, here’s how to play it

All credit goes to Steam Deck Gaming on YouTube, which has detailed how to get ZZZ running smoothly on the Steam Deck. Unfortunately, the game isn’t available directly through the Steam Store, but the steps above will show you how to download it easily.

  • Switch to Steam Deck Desktop mode – go to Power settings and select ‘Switch to Desktop’
  • Open an internet browser, Google Chrome is recommended
  • Go to Zenless on HoYoverse’s website and click ‘Download via HoYoPlay’
  • Don’t run the download .exe directly, instead, open the folder
  • Right-click the ZZZ executable and click ‘Add to Steam’
  • Find the installer in your Steam library, go to properties, and set compatibility on with Proton Experimental
  • Press ‘Play’ to launch the installer and follow the installation steps
  • Download the game through the HoyoPlay platform
  • Once downloaded, you can click ‘Start Game’ to launch ZZZ

Zenless Zone Zero Steam Deck gameplay

The video above talks you through the steps for installing the game if you want to try it out for yourself. We can see some 60+ FPS or higher gameplay too, so no performance problems as far as we can see. We’ve tested the game ourselves on PC, so check out our best graphics settings for Zenless Zone Zero if you want a closer look at that, using a low-end system to figure out how easy (or hard) it is to run.

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