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Kingdom Hearts 3 finally gets Steam Deck Verified after missing out at launch

Green badges for the whole trilogy
Last Updated on July 4, 2024
Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay screenshot
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While it technically launched in 2019 for consoles, then Windows in 2021, Kingdom Hearts III didn’t make its way to Steam until a few weeks ago on June 13th, 2024, being an Epic exclusive prior to that. With it running perfectly on Steam Deck, we were surprised to see it wasn’t officially verified at launch, but now that has changed.

Joining the rest of the trilogy on Steam, KH3 is now finally Steam Deck Verified. The first two games of the trilogy were verified soon after launch, and while the 3rd installment is indeed harder to run, Valve’s Steam Deck didn’t run into any performance issues – unlike the ASUS ROG Ally.

Kingdom Hearts III is now Steam Deck verified

A user on Reddit caught a snapshot of Kingdom Hearts III’s Steam Deck Compatibility on their device. We can also see the coveted green checkmark on the Steam Store page – and by the way, the game is 31% right now as part of the Steam Summer Sale. So, now the entire trilogy is officially good to go if you were worried about the Deck’s performance before now.

Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind (DLC) Steam Deck Compatibility, source: Reddit

It’s also on sale, along with the rest of the Kingdom Hearts trilogy

As we said, the Steam Summer sale is going on right now. It’s not only Kingdom Hearts III that is discounted either, the rest of the trilogy is too. If you’re interested in this Disney x Square Enix mashup, then now’s the time to buy. Especially now that they’re all Verified and running smoothly on the popular handheld gaming PC.

You can either buy them individually or as a trilogy ‘Integrum Masterpiece’ pack for a much bigger saving.

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