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Two Kingdom Hearts collections are Steam Deck verified, but fans will need to wait for the full trilogy

Kingdom Hearts lands on Steam, a good choice for your Deck?
Last Updated on June 18, 2024
Kingdom Hearts gameplay
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The long-awaited arrival of the series on Steam is a dream come true, especially for Steam Deck users. While the games were previously available on the Epic Games Store, Steam offers a more convenient platform for many players. For many PC gamers, Steam is the go-to platform, so this is great news. It boasts a massive library of titles, a user-friendly interface, robust community features, and a well-integrated payment system. On top of that, easy compatibility with the headheld Deck.

Two more collections drop on Steam

A few weeks back we had reported that Kingdom Hearts was coming to Steam, well now several more versions of the game have landed on the platform. Yes, two collections, Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX– and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, have just been officially verified for Steam Deck by Valve. This means these games have been tested and confirmed to run smoothly on the handheld gaming PC. Even though these reviewers had already confirmed the excellent performance of both collections on the Deck, the official green checkmark from Valve adds another layer of confidence for potential players.

Kingdom Hearts – Image Source: IGN

Why choose Steam over Epic Games Store?

While Kingdom Hearts was previously available on the Epic Games Store, Steam offers several advantages. Steam’s larger user base and established ecosystem create a more familiar and integrated experience for many players. Additionally, Steam’s frequent sales and wider range of payment options often make it a more economical and convenient platform.

No Kingdom Hearts 3 verification yet

Kingdom Hearts 3, the other part of the reviewed trilogy, hasn’t yet received a Steam Deck verification. While it’s more demanding than the other titles, it’s still playable on the Deck. For the most stable experience, 30 FPS is recommended, but it can potentially reach 50 FPS with some graphical adjustments and occasional performance fluctuations. Regardless, considering how well the other games run, a green checkmark for KH3 seems likely. So, the game is still worth picking up for your Deck and trying out if you don’t mind a few potential performance hiccups.

Summer sale incentive

If you’re interested in jumping into the Kingdom Hearts series on Steam, there’s a bonus right now. All the games are currently on sale until July 11, with individual titles ranging from $34.49 to $41.39. The most economical option here is the entire collection for $68.99, which saves you around $50 compared to buying each game separately.

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