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Legion Go successor seemingly gets confirmed by Lenovo executive

Last Updated on April 9, 2024
A Lenovo Legion Go 2 gaming handheld console against a blue and purple gradient background.
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With every big player in the tech industry attempting to get a foothold in the growing gaming handheld market, it stands to reason that each competitor would be looking to provide consumers with upgrades for their current offerings. This time around, Lenovo may be the one looking to release a successor to its popular Legion Go handheld after seemingly being confirmed by a company executive.

Speaking at the recently concluded Lenovo Innovate 24 conference, gaming category manager Clifford Chong (via YouTuber Chris Stead) revealed that gaming handhelds are a product category they see a lot of potential and are planning to invest in. He later added that they are looking towards providing a next-generation Legion Go successor that includes more features for consumers “when the time comes.” It’s worth noting, though, that this isn’t exactly a confirmation from Chong, so we suggest tempering expectations for now.

Legion Go 2 launch remains far off, if at all

In the same interview, Clifford Chong emphasized that “[they] are still spending a lot of resources improving on [the] current Legion Go.” With this in mind, it may not be a while before the as-yet-unnamed and unconfirmed Legion Go 2 is released since the original was only launched late last year. Once it does get announced, however, we expect it to cost around the same as the first (around $699.99), if not slightly more. Of course, we will provide an update as soon as the console and its specs have been revealed so stay tuned.

Now, if you’re looking for a similar handheld alternative while you wait for the Legion Go 2’s announcement, we’ve got you covered. Check out where to buy the MSI Claw instead so you can get your hands on an equally powerful portable gaming machine.

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