LG hasn’t listed its new “affordable” 48-inch B4 OLED TV yet, but why?

A bold move at the affordable marketplace, but where is it?

An affordable LG B4 OLED television displaying vibrant colored graphics.

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LG’s new OLED TV series is set to launch this week – and while the brand already offers two fantastic game-ready sizes within its C4 range – the new 48-inch B4 display could be the perfect choice for gamers looking for the best of both worlds – value, and performance.

Almost all of LG’s new TV lineup is up for pre-order over at the LG US store (and Amazon), with one exception, the B4 48-inch OLED TV. It’s the latest arrival to the brand’s B-series of OLED TVs and one that sparks excitement in the budget-restricted marketplace.


Despite anticipation for the new affordable OLED TV high, LG has decided not to list it for pre order yet, which seems a weird move as it clearly lays claim to an increasingly competitive price point within the OLED TV space.

Both TCL and Hisense are keen to lock down said price point and it’s easy to see why LG would want a piece of the pie. As OLED TV popularity increases, so does the growing demand for affordable options. And with LG’s OLED lineup offering some of the best picture quality on the market, it’s nice to see a more affordable smaller variant for both gamers and everyday users.

The TVs are set to release sometime this week, with LG pre orders shipping on or around the 18th of March, 2024.

LG’s affordable 48-inch OLED TV is great for gamers, but not listed yet

A product page for a 77-inch LG B4 Class OLED TV with webOS, priced at $3,399.99, available for pre-order.
(Source: LG)

As you can see from the image above, LG has decided to list all variants of the B4 – apart from the latest arrival, the 48-inch option.

It’s hard to speculate why this might be the case – maybe the brand is still trying to find the perfect price point for the panel, as official pricing still seems hard to find. Alternatively, the brand may just be waiting to see how well the other launches do, with the brand’s C4 and G4 offerings set to battle it out for best OLED TV of 2024.

All being said, hopefully it won’t be too long before the brand list the new 48-inch B4 OLED TV. We’re keen to review it here at PCGuide as it shows clear intent by LG to target the “budget” marketplace. It’ll also be interesting to see how it stacks up against the brand’s own 48-inch C4 and competing rivals.

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