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Where to buy LG B4 OLED TV – find stock here

We present all the expected retailers of the LG B4
Last Updated on April 5, 2024
Where to buy LG B4
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If you’re in the market for where to buy LG B4 OLED TVs then we’re here to help. The hotly anticipated successor model is now available in the US and UK with its availability across Canada likely to follow soon. Below you’ll find links to buy the B4 in the US and pre order in the UK, the latter of which knocks some money off the respective RRP and even includes some free gifts, too.

If you’d like to find out more about the next generation of LG OLED TVs, then take a look at our LG C4 release date hub, where we cover some of the upgrades expected to feature in this product. Or, check out our LG G4 vs LG C4 comparison guide to find out which TV best suits you.

Where to buy LG B4 in the US

You have two choices for where to buy the LG B4 in the US through Amazon, but we’ll be updating you with the other trusted retailers should further options become available.

Amazon US

The world’s largest online retailer has the 55-inch model available for purchase now with a landing page available for the 65-inch variant. We’re expecting the latter option to be available soon so be sure to check in often if you want a bigger OLED TV.


While LG has landing pages and confirmed prices for all three LG B4 variants directly through its websites, none appear to be available for purchase at this time. We recommend checking in often as this could change in the coming days.

Best Buy US

Best Buy has yet to go live with any LG B4 stock right now, however, there are discounted B3 models should you want to consider an alternative in the meantime. We’ll be updating you when / if this retailer will have stock.

Check for LG B4 stock at Best Buy

Newegg US

Newegg also doesn’t yet have LG B4 stock but this could change in the coming days given Amazon’s new listings.

Check for LG B4 stock at Newegg

Where to buy LG B4 – UK expected retailers

Over in the UK, the LG B4 is available in all three sizes directly from LG itself which is likely to be your best bet. We’ll be updating you when other retailers go live with stock, however, for the lowest rates you’ll want to buy direct, especially as free extras are thrown in.


Other retailers to check:

Amazon UK

Check for LG B4 stock at Amazon

Currys UK

Check for LG B4 stock at Currys

Where to buy LG B4 – Canada expected retailers

Similarly to the US, we can expect to see the LG B4 in Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg stores. Separate Canadian links can be found below.

Amazon CA

LG B4 on Amazon

Best Buy CA

LG B4 on Best Buy

Newegg CA

LG B4 on Newegg


LG B4 on LG

How much will the LG B4 cost?

The starting price for the LG B4 for for the smallest version, 55-inch, is $1,699.99 as the official Amazon listing and LG dictate. The most expensive offering is the 77-inch variant which will sell for $3,399.99 as the manufacturer’s website states.

What can we expect from the LG B4?

After unveiling its newest additions to the LG OLED TV lineup at CES in January 2024, LG announced the impressive upgrades it would be making to the latest members of each series. The B4 intends to improve upon its predecessor with enhanced picture quality and sound quality, a new Alpha 8 AI processor, and the latest version of LG’s webOS 24 operating system and built-in Chromecast tech.

The LG B4 hosts four HDMI 2.1 ports, each supporting 4K console gaming at a smooth 120Hz. This is an important advancement for anyone looking to utilize the full potential of next-gen consoles and high-end PCs. Additionally, the LG B4 features dynamic tone mapping pro and AI scaling with its AI Picture Pro feature, which improves upon detailing across all platforms.

Wrapping up

The LG B4 is just one of the many LG OLED TVs that will be added to the LG TV lineup this year, and we’re certainly excited to see it arrive on the market. Its upgrades in areas like graphic performance and faster processing speed make it a highly anticipated addition to the OLED TV market – perfect for gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike. Stick with us, as we stay up-to-date on all the available info on this release.

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