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LG OLED T release date speculation, features – what we know (transparent)

Everything you need to know about the upcoming release of the LG OLED T
Last Updated on February 23, 2024
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Transparent TVs have always seemed a futuristic piece of tech. However, LG has recently stunned the premium TV market with the launch of its first transparent OLED TV. At the CES 2024 event, LG announced the exciting addition to its TV lineup, in addition to other TV series upgrades. This panel shows the power of the OLED lineup screens and takes it to a level only this technology can exploit. In this article, we will discuss the LG OLED T release date speculation, rumored price, features, and specs.

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LG OLED T – release date speculation

Not much is known about this LG OLED TV’s release date. While LG has expressed its intention to launch the Signature OLED T within this calendar year, a precise release timeframe remains elusive. The anticipation builds as consumers and industry watchers alike eagerly await more concrete details.

With other LG TVs like the B, G, or M series users have been able to make accurate predictions of when upcoming releases may arrive. This is done by looking at LG release date patterns; seeing when a new product’s predecessor has arrived in conjunction with the year and its announcement, and then making an informed prediction from that information. However, the new LG OLED T is the first of its kind and does not align with any series pattern, therefore it’s unclear when the TV will arrive this year.

✓ Eve’s thoughts

LG OLED T arrival

Looking at the release predictions of other LG TV releases this year, I think we could potentially see the LG OLED T arriving a little later on, perhaps in the fourth quarter of the year (October-Decemeber). With LG’s C series expected to make an earlier entrace in Q1 of the year, and the LG M4 being expected in Q3, it would make sense if the arguably most anticipated TV of all the 2024 releases, the LG OLED T, was to go last.

LG OLED T – specs

The LG OLED T series unveiled at CES January 2024 in Las Vegas, represents a bold leap into the future of home entertainment, transforming the humble television into a piece of art. Transparent OLED technology, previously seen in commercial settings, is making its consumer debut with the LG OLED T in 2024. This innovation promises to redefine the way we perceive and interact with our home entertainment systems.

Powered by LG’s proprietary wireless transmission technology, akin to what’s found in the M4 series, the OLED T maintains a minimalist aesthetic with only a power cord necessary. External devices, such as game consoles, connect via HDMI ports into a separate box, which can be discreetly placed up to 30 feet away, ensuring the television’s transparency remains unobstructed.

At the heart of the OLED T is an advanced AI processor, tasked with delivering exceptional picture quality. This chip allows users to toggle between transparent and opaque settings, offering versatility in displaying content. Whether you’re looking for the immersive experience of a conventional OLED TV or the novelty of seeing your room through your screen, the OLED T adapts to your preference.


Enhancing its adaptability, the OLED T incorporates a contrast film that users can adjust with a remote control. This feature enables the screen to transition from fully transparent to a regular OLED display, catering to both aesthetic desires and viewing needs.

LG has thoughtfully integrated custom widgets and an optimized webOS interface for the OLED T, drawing inspiration from its rollable TV technology. These widgets occupy only a small section of the screen, maintaining the elegance of the transparent display, while the custom webOS interface offers a streamlined and less cluttered user experience compared to LG’s standard offerings.

The LG OLED T, with its 77-inch screen, stands not just as a technological innovation but as a statement piece that reimagines what television can be. It’s a testament to LG’s vision of making the future of transparent TV not only attainable but a desirable addition to modern homes.

How much will the LG OLED T cost?

Pricing for the LG OLED T is shrouded in speculation. Drawing parallels, LG’s previous foray into groundbreaking OLED technology, the rollable OLED TV, hit the market with a staggering $100,000 price tag. In contrast, last year’s more accessible 77-inch wireless OLED model was introduced at a more palatable $4,999.99.

Given the innovative transparent display technology of the OLED T, it’s reasonable to anticipate that the price will ascend well into the premium range, potentially adding several thousand dollars to the cost due to its unique transparency feature.

Is the LG OLED T good quality?

It’s very well having top-notch transparent technology, but does the TV work well? Aside from its apparent impressive features, it seems as though the LG OLED T may be sacrificing the visual quality of previous LG OLED TVs for innovation. The LG OLED T doesn’t use the Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology of other previous OLED series, meaning the actual performance of the TV is more on par with LG’s mid-level C4 TV.

Final words

The concept of a transparent TV like the LG OLED T might challenge traditional notions of practicality, yet it signifies a remarkable evolution in screen technology. This innovation blurs the lines between high-tech entertainment and interior design, offering a glimpse into a future where screens not only display content but also seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of our living spaces.

While today it stands as a premium novelty aimed at tech enthusiasts, its introduction sets the stage for exciting developments in how we think about and interact with our home entertainment systems. Stay tuned, to find out more about this impressive product.

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