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More PS5 Pro specs have been leaked and they include better CPU speed, RAM, and audio

Last Updated on March 18, 2024
Graphic illustration showcasing a gaming console with its wireless controller, emphasizing RAM, audio output, sd card usage, and its central processing unit (CPU).
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There are plenty of rumors flying around about the upcoming PS5 Pro. These include the expected specs, which are said to be big improvements over the standard PlayStation 5. However, more leaks have come out, and suggest even more upgrades, including to the CPU speed, RAM, and audio.

While we’ve heard rumors about the supposed future 8K resolution for the PS5 Pro, new information has come out from Insider Gaming that reveals further specs from the console. These leaks say that the CPU is identical to that of the standard PS5, however, it comes with a High CPU Frequency Mode that boosts the performance of the CPU by 10%. This does come with the drawback that the GPU will need to be downclocked for this boost.

More leaks for the PS5 Pro suggest better specs all around

The storage is getting a slight upgrade, as well. The PS5 Pro is rumored to have 576 GB/s, as opposed to the standard 448 GB/s found in the PS5. This is a 28% increase in system memory, making it more efficient and reliable. The audio in the PS5 Pro is also better, running the ACV at a higher clock speed. This gives the ACM Library 35% more performance.

The GPU specs rumored earlier were also confirmed by this leak, with a 45% faster performance and two to three times better ray tracing. This could even go up to four times the amount under the right conditions. The Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling lets players enjoy better graphics than ever before, with 8K resolution planned to be coming down the road.

While these specs are promising, these are all still just rumors. There’s nothing official from Sony. If these specs are true, then the slight improvements to the CPU, RAM, and audio are all even more reasons for players to upgrade. If the advanced GPU wasn’t enough, these leaks could tempt PS5 users into upgrading. Gamers will have to wait for more info to be revealed as we get closer to the PS5 Pro release date. But, until then, these rumors are something to get excited about.

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