The next PS5 Pro could support faster rendering and up to 8K resolution

The PS5 Pro, which could support 8K resolution

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The next iteration of the PlayStation 5 could see a huge improvement when it comes to resolution and performance. Rumors of the upcoming PS5 Pro suggest that the console will support the new super resolution, the PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution. This could let it eventually work up to 8K resolution.

Leaks from Moore’s Law is Dead give tons of new information regarding the PS5 Pro, the latest console from Sony. This info comes in the form of the Trinity Technical Overview, the codename for the system. Notably, it will utilize the new Spectral Super Resolution technology. This resolution, in the future, could even support up to 8K as Sony continues to advance and update the hardware. 8K will not be available at launch, according to the document, but will be planned for the future.

New leaks suggest a powerful PS5 Pro is on the way

Not only was information about super resolution revealed but Moore’s Law is Dead also covered several other improvements. The GPU for the PS5 Pro has a rendering that is supposedly 45% faster than a standard PS5. A new faster ray tracing architecture will also allow for faster speeds. These speeds could be up to two or three times faster than the original PS5. There were even cases where users saw a four times faster speedup.

The PS5 Pro will also include machine learning architecture, which is custom to the console. This is put in place to support the Spectral Super Resolution, with upscaling specifically. The architecture supports 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation.

All of these new features are very impressive for the Pro version of the PS5. Console gamers rarely get the best when it comes to specs, making PC gaming the best option for many hardcore gamers. However, with impressive improvements like these rumored, it might be enough to get some to jump ship. While the PS5 is doing good with sales, beating the current generation of Xbox by a landslide, the PS5 Pro could be the extra boost to tip the scales even further.

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