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MSI releases new RTX 4060 Ti bundle that fans of Monster Hunter will love

For everyone else, probably not worth your time
Last Updated on May 13, 2024
MSI releases new RTX 4060 Ti bundle that fans of Monster Hunter will love
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In was back in January when MSI initially announced a new line-up of hardware to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter franchise. Well, now they have launched an interesting bundle that gets you both an RTX 4060 Ti graphics card, and the MSI Force GC30 controller, both of which don a unique Monster Hunter design.

Not exactly the most conventional pairing we have to admit, but perhaps the perfect GPU upgrade for fans of the game. However, it is the card’s 8GB model, and if you’re not too keen on the special edition look, then you can get a 16GB one for a similar price as this bundle.

RTX 4060 Ti and MSI controller bundle

You’ll find this bundle currently available for back order on Newegg (at the time of writing), selling for $499.99. Further details about what MSI call this ‘power bundle’ are available to see on their official website. This is part of a collection that also includes a Monster Hunter-themed monitor, motherboard, AIO cooler, PC case, and other accessories.

This limited edition package is ideal for Monster Hunter fans looking for a GPU upgrade, as the 4060 Ti is more than capable for latest editions of the game. As for the controller, MSI advertise features such as haptic feedback from dual vibration motors and flexible connectivity. Nothing crazy from what we see, so the design is the main selling point for us.

ArchitectureAda Lovelace
CUDA cores4,352
Memory bus128-bit
Memory clock18 Gbps
Boost clock2,535
Recommended PSU550W
RTX 4060 Ti specs

Is it worth it?

It’s obvious that this appeals to fans of Monster Hunter, so if you’re part of that demographic, we’d say it’s worth considering. The matching GPU and game controller is a nice touch, though you’re probably going to want to go all out on the build if you want a truly uniform rig. In terms of value for money, you’re better off getting a regular design and dodging the premium that this edition adds to the price. It seems like this card is based on MSI’s Ventus 3X model that sells for $100 less – at $399.00.

Additionally, we’d recommend a 16GB variant of the RTX 4060 Ti if you want a little extra memory headroom, which you can find in dual-fan form for cheaper than the limited edition model here. Nonetheless, we think it’s worth it for those that value the design and will actually make use of the controller as we eagerly await the release of Monster Hunter Wilds in 2025.

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