Here is your first look at the new emojis in iOS 15.4

A bigger than usual update that features gender and racial inclusion

New Emojis iOS 15.4

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For those who have signed up for Apple’s Beta Insider Program, the new Emojis iOS 15.4 is probably one of the biggest additions to the latest beta build of iOS 15. Not only are there some cool new Emojis, but there’s been an extensive addition of gender and racially inclusive Emojis too.

New Emojis iOS 15.4 features more inclusion than ever before. Credit: Emojipedia

The new Emojis in iOS 15.4 is a result of Emoji version 14.0 which was recommended for release back in September 2021 alongside Unicode 14.0. With Apple being Apple, they’ve taken the time to put their own mark on the release by making Emoji 14.0 look uniform with their existing library. Here are some of the highlights of this release:

The Random Ones

Credit: Emojipedia

There are plenty of Emojis to match various situations in the new Emojis iOS 15.4 update as seen in the image above. It’s not all about hand gestures and faces in the world of Emoji.

Multi-Racial Handshakes

Credit: Emojipedia

This is more of a ‘coming soon’ addition that’s present within the new Emojis iOS 15.4 update but isn’t yet selectable. However, users can use the five current matching skin tone handshake Emoji for now.

New Smileys

Credit: Emojipedia

There’s a grand total of seven brand-new Emojis in the new Emojis iOS 15.4 update, with the ‘Hand Over Mouth’ Emoji sporting default eyes as to not be stuck with one emotion.

New Hand Gestures

Credit: Emojipedia

We have to remember that every nationality on planet Earth probably knows what an Emoji is and uses them in their day-to-day lives. By adding seven new Emojis to the new Emojis iOS 15.4 update, Apple is working towards a service that represents everyone.

Gender Inclusivitiy

Credit: Emojipedia

Emojis should represent anyone from any walk of life, which is why efforts have been made since 2019 to become more inclusive. This has resulted in a ‘Pregnant Person’, ‘Person with Crown’, and ‘Pregnant Man’ being added to the new Emojis iOS 15.4 update.

iOS 15.4 is currently available for Apple Insider Program members, with the public release expected sometime in March or April 2022. For easy to follow iOS Guides, please visit and bookmark our iOS hub here at PC Guide.

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