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New Intel next-gen Arrow Lake CPU rumor suggests sales might start this holiday season

We might be getting more info on when we might be seeing the next-gen Intel CPUs
Last Updated on July 11, 2024
Intel's next-gen Arrow Lake CPUs might start selling in the holiday season
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You might be able to snatch the new Intel CPUs just in time for the Holiday season, be it a gift to yourself or someone else. This is according to well-known leaker @9550pro on X, suggesting that the next-gen Arrow Lake-S processors will start selling in December. This comes following the previous Intel announcement saying it will be launching the CPUs in Q4 of 2024, and clearly, that is towards the tail end of the year if this latest rumor holds up.

As a response to this post, we also see info stating that the QS (Quality Sample) validation of the processors will be in week 40 of the year putting it towards the end of September and the start of October. This happens just before the pilot program and testing of the series. This comes rather late against the competition, as AMD’s Ryzen 9000 series release date is the end of July and just around the corner. Although there is no word of the X3D chips, Team Red will have plenty of time to gain market share before some competition.

But other information coming up also suggests different timelines. With the potential now for the Lunar Lake mobile CPUs to be available for consumers in September, the Arrow Lake-S K chips in October, and then the non-K and -HX chips in CES of 2025. So we just have to wait and see when it finally comes as currently we have to take everything with a pinch of salt.

Intel Arrow Lake-S sales rumor, Source 9550pro on X
Intel Arrow Lake-S sales rumor, Source 9550pro on X

Arrow Lake-S specs

It’s no surprise Intel might be taking some more time with the release of the next generation, considering they will be on a new socket. Moving to the LGA1851 socket, introducing NPUs, and then the leaked specs give us a lot of information on what we might expect to see at the end of the year.

The newer information on the features comes from a CPU-Z update. The program collects information on your system’s hardware to bring you an accurate read. Through its update though it seems to have good information on what’s coming up in the coming releases. For the Intel Core Ultra 200 series, we have the following information.

Core Ultra 9 285K24C/24T (8P+16E)125W
Core Ultra 9 27524C/24T (8P/16E)65W
Core Ultra 7 265K20C/24T (8P/12E)125W
Core Ultra 7 25520C/20T (8P/12E)65W
Core Ultra 5 245K14C/14T (6P/8E)125W
Core Ultra 5 24010C/10T (6P/4E)65W

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