Nintendo Switch 2 release date reportedly gets pushed back, according to leak

A delayed release date before an actual announcement? Color us skeptical.

A box with a Nintendo Switch 2 video game controller.

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Though specific details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2 remain scarce, a leak has surfaced regarding its upcoming release date. If they’re to be believed, these latest rumors state that the upcoming handheld console’s launch has been pushed back. Instead of being released at some point in 2024, it will now apparently be launched in the first quarter of 2025, with Nintendo pivoting focus to their OG system for the current year.

That’s according to insider PH Brazil, who previously leaked information on the Switch 2’s alleged backward compatibility feature. Based on their recent Twitter/X post, they had apparently consulted with five sources from three continents, all of whom echoed the same notion: that the Nintendo Switch 2 would not be released until 2025. VGC later added in a separate report that Nintendo had told publishers its plans to launch its next console in Q1 2025, reinforcing PH Brazil’s previous statement.

OG Switch to continue its handheld reign

VGC also stated that this delay was made so Nintendo “could prepare stronger first-party software for the console.” Now, this isn’t a surprise, considering the OG Switch remains one of the best-selling gaming consoles of all time. Hence, it stands to reason that Nintendo wants to continue investing in its future. But it is worth noting that Nintendo hasn’t confirmed any of these details, so you’ll need to take it with a heaping amount of salt.

However, if the Switch 2’s launch strategy is anything like before, you may not have to wait long for confirmation. In April 2016, Nintendo announced that they planned to release the OG Switch nearly a year later, in March 2017. With this in mind, the follow-up handheld console could mirror a similar rollout. Like the alleged delayed release date, though, this is still speculation, and much of its details remain murky. That said, we will continue to provide updates once more information is provided, so stay tuned.

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