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Nintendo Switch 2 boycotters backtrack, as rumors of highly requested feature surface

Last Updated on February 13, 2024
Is the Nintendo Switch backward compatible with the Nintendo Switch 2?
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With the Nintendo Switch nearing its seventh anniversary, fans are predictably eager for more information on its next handheld console: the aptly named Nintendo Switch 2. Though official details on it remain scarce, that hasn’t stopped insiders from leaking crucial information on some of its features. One of these latest leaks is, of course, the Switch successor’s alleged backward compatibility.

As spotted by Universo Nintendo and reported by content creator PH Brazil, the Japanese video game company’s next-gen system could come with physical and digital backward compatibility. Naturally, this highly-requested feature wouldn’t only benefit the players. It would also allow developers “to study improvements for the current titles in the Nintendo Switch library.” In addition to these claims, ResetEra regular NatetheHate revealed that testing is underway for Switch 2 backward compatibility. Unfortunately, enhancements on past Switch games, if there will be any, still largely remain unknown.

Now, if this ends up being true, it could help the upcoming handheld console reach, or even surpass, the high bar that its predecessor set. But since this has yet to be confirmed, you’ll need to take this information with a grain of salt, much like all the Nintendo Switch 2 rumors that have come to pass.

Nintendo Switch 2 backward compatibility remains crucial

Back when the notion of the Nintendo Switch 2 had just been rumors and nothing else, most fans predictably had backward compatibility as one of the features they wanted most. In fact, some even called the then-possible absence of backward compatibility a deal breaker and a decision that would force them to “not buy a Switch 2 at launch.”

Luckily, if these rumors are to be believed, Nintendo will be giving the fans what they want after all. And with rumors ramping up, it may only be a matter of time until the company officials confirm it. While you wait for the eventual announcement, check out the best Nintendo Switch VR headset to bolster your handheld gaming experience. Alternatively, you can take a look at the best anime AI generator instead to pass the time.

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