Nintendo Switch 2 release date speculation and rumors – what we know so far

With handheld gaming ever on the rise, the Nintendo masses wonder what a Nintendo Switch 2 could look like

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As the Nintendo Switch sails towards its seventh year of providing on-the-go gaming delight, gamers and enthusiasts worldwide have been rife with speculations and excitement about the next potential upgrade, the Nintendo Switch 2. Now that we’ve arrived in 2024, the possibility that we’ll see the next iteration of the iconic Switch console this year feels even more real. So, this article aims to delve into the rumors and information we’ve gathered about the enigmatic ‘Switch 2’ so far.

The Nintendo Switch 2, though unconfirmed, has started to appear more real in recent times. It was first rumored back in September 2022, when an Nvidia employee confirmed the existence of the Tegra239 (T239) system-on-a-chip. This silicon powerhouse has long been rumored to be the primary candidate for powering the Nintendo ‘Switch 2.’ The leaks about the T239 chip gained more credibility in March 2023 when further mentions surfaced. This repeated surfacing of T239 news has caused excitement in the gaming community, as it suggests that Nintendo may be working on a powerful successor to the original Switch.

So, a year on, what’s the latest on the Nintendo Switch 2? Well, a recent report from Nikkei points towards the Switch 2 now arriving at some point early next year. According to their sources, the successor of the Switch could come as early as March 2025; this is a lot later than it was originally expected. Not only would this give Nintendo a lot more time to allow developers to create titles that make the most of any upgraded specs, but it would prevent there from being a shortage in comparison to consumer demand, which was the mistake made by Sony with the launch of the PS5.

Nintendo Switch 2 rumors at a glance

  • CPU: Custom Nvidia ARM SoC TegraT239 (T239)
  • GPU: Nvidia Ampere architecture
  • CUDA cores: 1280
  • Display: 8 inch LCD screen
  • RAM & storage: 8GB LPDDR5, 64GB
  • Rumored release date: March 2025

Is there a new Nintendo Switch coming out in 2024?

At the time of writing, it’s starting to feel more possible that we will see a new Nintendo Switch with a release window that’s sometime in 2024. Originally, comments by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa from May 2023 hinted at the opposite, as in a financial briefing posted on Bloomberg, Furukawa reportedly stated to investors that Nintendo doesn’t plan on releasing any new hardware over the next fiscal year. However, this still allows us to speculate that we could see the launch of the Switch 2 in the last quarter of 2024.

The gaming community got a surprising hint from Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, in June 2023. While discussing the lukewarm commercial performance of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Guillemot stated that Ubisoft plans to “update [the game] for the new machine that will come in the future,” explicitly referring to Nintendo’s Switch successor. Furthermore, two months after this comment, Eurogamer reported that Nintendo held private developer demonstrations for the Switch 2 at the Gamescom event in Cologne. Allegedly, a spruced-up tech demo of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of the playable titles, showcasing the much-needed boosted graphics and processing capability of the Switch 2. Unfortunately, we’ve still had no public mentions from Nintendo concerning the Switch 2, so all we can do for now is hold onto the hope that we’ll the see announcement of the device at some point throughout 2024.

Furthermore, there are signs that the immense sales of the Switch are starting to slow, and with the Switch’s hardware seeming a bit lackluster compared to its competitors, it feels like it could be about prime time for Nintendo to bring out the next iteration of its console.

Disappointingly, it looks like Q4 2024 might be being pushed back to 2025; Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe (via VGC) has apparently received information from five separate sources that the Switch 2 has internally slipped out of the 2024 release target. It’s unclear at this point as to why exactly the console’s launch deadline is not achievable, but it could be related to Nintendo needing more time to prepare stronger first-party software to drive launch sales.

Nintendo Switch 2 price and potential release date

Based on Nintendo’s recent announcements, we may be able to offer some educated conjecture for the launch date and pricing of the new Switch hybrid console.

Regarding a potential release date, it’s clear from Nintendo’s comments that we won’t see a new console until after June 2024. This would have initially placed the likely arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2 sometime in the second half of 2024, but as mentioned earlier, new reports are suggesting that we could instead be looking at some point in early 2025 that still lands within the financial year. As with any product release, these dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or strategic decisions by the company.

When it comes to price, a bit of speculation can also be drawn from the cost of Nintendo’s most recent console, the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which retails at $349. Assuming the Nintendo Switch 2 would possess similar, if not more advanced features such as the OLED display, it’s fair to anticipate that the price would align closely with these figures, with a possible increase giving the console an estimated $400 MSRP.

Nintendo Switch 2 specs rumors

Given Nintendo’s history, it’s reasonable to expect that the company will remain partnered with Nvidia for the system-on-a-chip, likely opting for an evolved version of the existing Tegra X1 chipset currently utilized in the current Switch model. However, recent advancements by AMD, evidenced by the Valve Stream Deck, suggest that AMD may potentially become a contender in powering the next-generation Switch.

There’s also speculation about a possible co-processor chip situated within the dock of the Switch 2 or the much-rumored next-gen Nintendo Switch Pro. This additional chip could serve to enhance the console’s power and video output when docked and connected to a 4K TV, further intensifying the gaming experience. Furthermore, it’s hoped that the lack of ray tracing, a feature now found on many handhelds will finally be addressed, with the ray tracing effects possibly provided using AI via Nvidia’s DLSS 3.5 if the device maintains an Nvidia processor.

Improved battery life in handheld mode and better graphics are also given, with frame rates also being bumped above the current 60Hz if the rumors of the upgraded chip are true. An enhanced Switch could also sport better joy-con controllers (hopefully), given that many players have experienced issues with the controllers. On the note of handheld mode, it’s highly hoped that the cartridge slot for loading your favorite games from the last-gen Switch will be carried over to its successor.

When it comes to the display, it’s plausible that the next Nintendo console could adopt an OLED panel, much like its predecessor, the Switch OLED, but there’s still the potential for something along the lines of an 8-inch LCD screen according to analyst Hiroshi Hayase. Many hope that the new console will also improve the refresh rates as well as size, taking the current 60Hz display and boosting it to a smoother 120Hz.

Further pointing towards the LCD option, Sharp, the manufacturer of the current Switch displays, disclosed that it’s developing a new LCD panel for a “new gaming console.” If this new console turns out to be the Switch 2, it could be somewhat disappointing for fans, as the Switch 2 might end up featuring a less advanced screen technology than the Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch 2 rumors: Final thoughts

In conclusion, while there are numerous rumors swirling around the possibility of Nintendo’s next console, concrete information remains frustratingly elusive. From potential hardware specs, such as an Nvidia system-on-a-chip and OLED screens, to speculated release windows and prices, all we have are educated guesses. Officially, Nintendo remains committed to its current Switch models, with current plans to focus on game releases throughout the ongoing fiscal year.

With seven years having passed since the original Switch’s debut, its title of the best-selling home console of all time puts a lot of pressure on Nintendo to create an impressive successor that keeps up with competing alongside the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X without releasing a device that will flop like the Wii U.

What is new coming for Nintendo Switch?

As per the statements from Nintendo, the company is currently directing its efforts toward the development and release of new games for the existing Nintendo Switch models. Specific details about these games have not been disclosed, but we can expect a wide range of titles catering to Nintendo’s diverse audience. However, it’s anticipated that Nintendo’s next-gen console will have backward compatibility for current Nintendo Switch games, such as Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Super Mario RPG which impressed players in 2023.

Is there a successor to the Switch?

While there has been no official confirmation from Nintendo about a successor to the Switch, numerous rumors and industry speculations suggest that a Nintendo Switch 2 may be in the works. Potential evidence of this includes comments from industry insiders, as well as technological trends and the lifecycle of the current Switch console. However, until there is official confirmation from Nintendo, these should be considered rumors.

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