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NVIDIA reveals Asus ROG Swift 500Hz Gaming Monitor

Last Updated on January 18, 2024
NVIDIA Introduces Next-Gen Asus ROG Swift 500 Hz Gaming Monitor At Computex 2022
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Though NVIDIA’s Computex 2022 keynote was sorely lacking in GPU news, the GPU giant did pull out one big hardware announcement – a brand new G-Sync-enabled gaming monitor with a hulking 500Hz refresh rate, the Asus ROG Swift 500Hz.

Billed by NVIDIA as the latest member of the Reflex family, the Asus ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor boasts the speediest refresh rate ever created, dwarfing previously bleeding-edge 360 Hz monitors.

Powering the ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor is a ‘brand new’ 1080p 24” eSports TN panel designed to deliver optimal motion clarity. TN panels are now a little long in the tooth, but their ability to keep latency low explains the logic behind Asus’ decision not to opt for a sleeker, higher resolution IPS or VA panel.

The Asus ROG Swift 500Hz gaming also features NVIDIA G-Sync eSports Mode with adjustable vibrance and support for NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. The former is a measurement tool that integrates with specific games such as Valorant, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege to instantaneously capture end-to-end system latency when using an NVIDIA Reflex mouse and GeForce GPU.

Asus ROG Swift 500Hz – Designed For Competitive eSports

NVIDIA explains that the monitor has been designed from the ground up for competitive eSports. It promises to deliver the lowest latency of any G-Sync eSports display. The 500Hz refresh rate improves animation smoothness for easier target tracking, minimizes ghosting and other distracting effects, and lowers system latency to allow players to spot opponents earlier.

NVIDIA says Asus has specifically tuned the ROG Swift 500Hz for competitive titles like for competitive games such as CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege, reinforcing that the monitor is first and foremost geared toward players eager to prune down latency as much as current tech allows.

Neither NVIDIA nor Asus have shared details on pricing or availability. That said, the 500Hz refresh rate and high-level eSports focus hint at a hefty asking price. We could see it match or even exceed the $700 price tagged onto the first batch of Asus 360Hz gaming monitors launched back in 2020.

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