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Oculus Quest Pro just leaked – take your first look here

It looks like Project Seacliff is the real deal with these marketing promos
Last Updated on December 1, 2023
Oculus Quest Pro leak
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The Facebook Connect event is happening this Wednesday (28th October) but it looks like confirmation of the Occulus Quest Pro is out in the wild right now. Twitter user and self-proclaimed hacker @Basti564 has found a bunch of marketing videos that show off some key Occulus Quest Pro features:

It looks like the Oculus Quest Pro will be the gateway, and possibly foundation, for Facebooks Metaverse with Facebook Connect tipped to herald a re-brand for the social media giant, falling in line with its digital world-building. For those who aren’t privy to Facebook’s future plans, Zuckerberg and Co. plan to introduce a metaverse, a digital plane of existence to members of the public. These will be virtual reality environments powered by Oculus to hold meetings and provide new work-from-home solutions. It also looks like gaming will be included with the likes of the Beatsaber video above.

You can even download them for yourself from oculus.com:

The Oculus controllers appear to be chargeable via a dock and lack the tracking rings of the Oculus Quest 2, which may back up claims of Oculus Quest Pro using camera motion tracking on its headset. Maybe the Oculus Quest Pro is a functioning pair of VR goggles with overlay capabilities?

It looks like Oculus is going for a smaller form factor this time around and opting for a goggle design. it looks like Oculus Quest 2 hardware has been extremely refined too, there’s no center head strap for support. Could this mean the headset is lacking in some way? What we do know is the Oculus design above is widely different from anything we’ve seen from Oculus before, or in other words, it actually has a bit of style.

Bastian has been very busy, as he’s also discovered that the Oculus Quest Pro will need a full-body mirror to achieve full-body tracking. This would back up the controllers not having sensor rings thanks to Oculus Quest Pro using cameras for full-body and hand tracking. The patent illustration can be found here:

Credit: @Basti564

Who knows what Facebook and Oculus will reveal at the Facebook Connect event on Thursday at 6 PM UK time and 10 AM Pacific Time. We might even be looking at the Oculus Quest 3, although it’s common knowledge we’ll be seeing a successor to the Oculus Quest 2 before a full hardware refresh. For all the latest on Facebook and Oculus, make sure to bookmark and check out our VR and News hubs.

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