Oppo reveals 125W Flash Charge technology

Faster charging is always a win

Oppo reveals 125W Flash Charge technology

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By now, you’ve probably heard of fast charging, a quicker way of getting juice back into your mobile device’s battery, but now, charging wizards Oppo, the company behind the Dash Charge system seen in OnePlus phones, has developed an even better solution which will charge your phone in just 20 minutes.

This new Flash Charge charging solution utilizes a 125W system, which Oppo claims is the most advanced in the industry, with the ability to charge a 4000mAh battery by 41 percent in just five minutes. This beat’s their previous record by around 10 minutes, proving this new tech is moving the industry forward in big leaps and bounds.

The tech uses the combined development of a new charger, cable, and battery which all come together for maximum efficiency while being as safe as possible. Moreover, Oppo has stated that the testing phone kit uses a “breakthrough battery ratio” which has never seen before, utilizing a double-6C cell approach.

Unfortunately, Oppo hasn’t announced when this Flash Charge technology will be incorporated into new devices but the usual trend is that new tech like this gets announced not too long before it’s shipped so we’re hopeful we’ll see it in the not too distant future.

Would you benefit from a phone that charges in just 20 minutes? I know I would as I consistently live in energy-saving mode due to forgetting to charge my device overnight…bring on Flash Charge!