Samsung’s New 990 Pro SSDs Boast 7450 MB/s Speeds for 4K Video Editing, 3D Rendering, and More

990 PRO Internal SSD

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Korean tech giant Samsung unveiled its all-new line of 990 Pro SSDs on Wednesday, Aug. 25th, built primarily for so-called “creative applications,” like data analysis, 3D rendering, and 4K video editing.

Samsung announced the forthcoming launch of its 990 Pro SSDs in a blog post that underscores the “innovations in gaming, 4K and 8K technology.” The new SSDs leverage Samsung’s V-NAND technology, ensuring as much as a 50% boost in power as well as a 55% boost in random performance over its predecessor, the 980 Pro.

The Samsung 990 Pro series of SSDs will feature read and write speeds of up to 7,450 MB/s and 6,900MB/s, respectively, with random read and write speeds based on IOmeter 1.1.0 performance sitting at 1,400K and 1,550K IOPS, respectively. The 990 Pros will also sport 1GB per terabyte of DRAM drive storage.

Samsung also revealed that the 990 Pro SSDs will be retrofitted with the company’s Dynamic Thermal Guard feature, ensuring that the user’s drive remains at an optimal temperature range. Customers who choose the 990 Pro with Heatrsink will also get “an additional layer of thermal control” and some fancy RGB lighting to stand out.

The Samsung 990 Pro release date is slated for October 2022, specifically for both its 1TB and 2TB models. Samsung states that the 4TB 990 Pro SSD will be released sometime next year. As for the 990 Pro price points, the 1TB model will go for $179, while the 2TB will be $309.

Do games run better on SSD?

Short answer: Yes. Games have shown to load much faster on an SSD over a Hard Drive, as the latter doesn’t require any moving parts.

Are Samsung SSD any good?

Arguably, Samsung makes some of the best SSDs in the PC parts industry, as with its 970 and 980 series SSDs featuring in many top SSD lists.