The Secretlab Labour Day sale is now live

Grab big savings on premium chairs

secretlab labour day sale

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Secretlab chairs offer unrivaled quality and durability so getting the chance to secure one at a discounted price is a rarity. However, in addition to the fantastic savings you can take advantage of on Black Friday, Secretlab has pushed a new sale live for a bunch of countries around the world. This sale coincides with Labour Day, also known as International Workers Day, celebrated on May 1st in aid of laborers and the working classes.

While Labour Day comes and goes on May 1st, the Secretlab sale doesn’t actually end on that date. Instead, you’ll have until May 3rd if you’re located in Europe. Even better, you can take advantage of a May 13th deadline in Australia and Malaysia, giving you ample time to secure yourself some top-tier comfort.

Discounts vary from region to region so there’s no concrete percentage saving for each of the chairs but here is a breakdown of what you can expect based on store location:

  • EU: up to €25 off 2020 Series models and €70 off NAPA leather models.
  • UK: up to £25 off 2020 Series models and £65 off NAPA leather chairs.
  • Australia: AUD $30 off 2020 Series models and $150 off NAPA leather chairs.
  • New Zealand: NZ $30 off 2020 Series models.
  • Singapore: SGD $30 off 2020 Series models and $130 off NAPA leather chairs.
  • Malaysia: SGD $30 off all 2020 Series models.

Sadly, as Labour day is celebrated in September by Americans and Canadians, this sale is unavailable in these countries. So, if you’re home is in part of the world, you will have to wait that little bit longer if you want to pick up one of these chairs at a lower price.

If you’re not a fan of the classic black options, there’s a whole host of different chairs in the Labour Day sale from the Omega and Titan series. This includes not just color variations but also a wide range of intricately designed collections inspired by your favorite TV shows and films, or even your local eSports teams. Some of our favorites include The Joker and Game of Thrones-inspired designs which really offer that bit of flair to your setup.

If you’re in the market for a new chair for your office or for gaming, strike when the iron is hot and save some cash that you can spend on improving or adding to other areas of your setup!

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