Spotify launches plan aimed at couples

Share a mixtape without anything other than a premium playlist

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After an initial rush of music streaming services all vying for some of Spotify’s subscriber base, things seem to have calmed down. Most companies offering similar services offer, like Spotify, a Family tier to their plan which enables multiple members of a family to have their own subscription – usually at a heavy discount over individual memberships but still generally getting on for twice the amount one person pays.

This can obviously seem a bit off-putting if there are just the two of you. Terms and Conditions mean you can’t just dole out the extra slots on your Family Plan to your friends or extended family so that’s a whole swathe of people who aren’t being upsold to.

Not any more. Say hi to Spotify’s new Premium Duo subscription plan (the US only for now but bound to spread worldwide before too long).

For just $12.99 rather than the normal $9.99 two people at the same address get a Premium account and that seems like a pretty good deal to us.

As it happens Spotify’s Family Plan is one of the cheaper ones at $14.99 so it’s only a halfway house when it comes to cost but we think Spotify is dealing with the people being mentally put off here. Family Plan sounds great but maybe not to those who don’t have a ‘Family’ at the same address.

Either way, options are always good so kudos to Spotify for continuing to look at their offerings and tweak where they feel there is a gap.

It still remains one of the biggest and best music streaming networks in our opinion and you can generally get good deals on free trials to try it out to see if it’s for you.

Ad-free, downloadable music for you and your significant other? Sounds good to us.