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The Blackwell AI B200 chip is already receiving orders from Meta

Last Updated on March 20, 2024
A computer chip with the Meta Blackwell B200 logo on a blue background.
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The incredibly powerful Blackwell chip from Nvidia has already sold to its first major customer since being revealed at GTC 2024. The Blackwell AI platform is one of the most powerful ever introduced by the company, and the dual-GPU B200 chip is creating tons of hype. It was leaked that Meta themselves have already placed an order for the chip.

As reported by Reuters, Meta has placed an order for the Blackwell B200 chips. Initial shipment is expected to be received later this year for the flagship Blackwell AI-powered chip by the Facebook owners. These monster chips will still have a while before volume shipment ramps up, which is expected to be later on, in 2025.

Meta is the first major customer for the massive Blackwell B200 chip

The Blackwell B200 is a dual-GPU chip that features the Blackwell AI that Nvidia has been working on for years. There are an astounding 208 billion transistors between the two GPUs packed into the chip. It’s massive in size, and even more massive in power. It’s understandable why companies are already placing orders, as the B200 (along with the smaller B100) is designed for enterprises.

Meta has long been a major proponent of Nvidia’s AI journey, being one of the major customers of the company. The Blackwell is set to be one of the most powerful GPUs ever released, and Meta wants in on the action. Using the Blackwell B200, the CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg is planning to train their LLM model. This could put Meta over the top when it comes to computing power.

The Blackwell B200 and B100 chips are one of the biggest achievements Nvidia has ever made. It’s only expected that even more major tech firms will be snatching the technology, hoping to use it to improve their own computing power. It’s only a matter of time before units are sold using the Blackwell AI. Nvidia will be more than pleased to be rolling in the dough from these major companies.

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